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    Question mainly for the ladies but will take any advice. What is a good barrel length for girls? My ladies are very young now so I would like this to grow with them. Don't want it to be to large now and to short later. I see anywhere from 11.5 and up. I was thinking of a 16 inch. Thanks for the advice in advance.
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    well 16" is the shortest you can go unless youre willing to pay for SBR stamp
    barrel length go up to 24" i believe?
    IMHO 16" is perfectly fine

  3. Dillinger

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    As my young Padwan has indicated, to remain legal and avoid the paperwork for a tax stamp and a short barreled rifle, you need to be in excess of 16" of TOTAL barrel length.

    Now, you can get an 11.5" rifled barrel, but you will have to have a 4.5" ( min ) muzzle break or mock suppressor that is permanently attached to the barrel.

    There is no benefit to that, so you might as well get the full 16" barrel and get the most rifling out of the barrel you have. ;)

    With a GI profile barrel, one that is not pencil thin, you will get good accuracy out to 250 or 300 yards without too much trouble.

    As for it "growing" with your girls, one of the benefits of the AR platform is that with two simple pins, you can change uppers have a totally new rifle. Long barrel varmint model, CQB Carbine, mid range target. All can be had without too much trouble.

    What would you like the weapon to do? What is the expected accuracy? What would you like for the weapon to be capable of in the short and long term?

    With these answers we can better help you build, or shop, for the best AR to suit your needs.

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    I got my daughter this Colt/Umarex M4 OPS-22

    1/3 the cost of a 223 and cheap ammo!

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    Main goal is Zombie hunting out to a hundred yard. I'll take care of the rest out further. They are young enough to have the whole world exprence. I just want to be at a good starting point and let them dictate where they want to go in the future. I was pretty much set on a 16 in. barrel and a 6 position stock. Still trying to figure out caliber. Between .223, 7.62x39 and rem .30. I know this is a hugh debate about this and that and what not. Being the only one of these Ive had exprence with is the 7.62. You guys are really helping and I do appreciate. Thanks
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    I know nothing about ARs but I did start shooting when I was young and comfort is key to making shooting enjoyable. So shooting a well balanced rifle that is the right length for your arms, that isn't too heavy is going to lead to enjoyable shooting. If your girls haven't shot before or consistantly I personally believe you have to master a blot action .22 before you get cooler toys:cool: good luck and thanks for passing on shooting to your kids!
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    Well my daughter loves shooting my 7" shorty :D

    Yes the ATF boys got their money...
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    with a .223 upper you can always get a .22lr conversion
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    Sorry, Misread the Title.:eek: I feel slightly embarrassed.
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