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I hunt coyote, but have most luck at night. Shots are rarely over 200 yards. I use a 16" lightweight barrel and its plenty accurate for dog control.

Based on what you are saying, you'd probably be best served by a 16-18" wylde chambered stainless barrel. PSA has a model but hasn't been in stock for some time. I recommend a 2 point sling for it as well. I carry my rifle, a caller, a decoy, a folding stool, and a shooting stick when yote hunting. Without a comfortable sling for the rifle it would be a PITA.

Anything longer than 18" are bench rifles. Try shouldering a 20-24" bull barrel and you'll agree. My buddy got this one with a 16" delton M4 profile standing freehand. It was 11pm, 100 yds and he was using PVS-14 NV attached to a day scope. Second picture is one of mine, taken with a wicked 400 hunting light.


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