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  1. Huntbear

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    So if you want a "HEAVY" not a "BULL BARREL" something you can have or comes fluted, but will not weigh you down if you want to carry it hunting.....

    How do you know what is what??????

    I am soooooooooooo confused!!!!!! :confused::confused::confused::eek:

    Is there any standard at all to barrel contours for ARs?????
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    What do you plan on using most of the time for and what kind of hunting are you going to be doing including range. I assume you are looking at a 5.56 cal. Juts a little more info needed to intelligently give it a shot!


  3. Bigcat

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    An HBAR doesnt neccessarily have to be too heavy.
    I have both HBAR and LW barrells on my Ar's and the difference between the two is not really noticable to me (then again I am a 225 lbs weightlifter so I may not be typical)

    What are you looking to build?
    All around self defense gun?
    hunting gun?
  4. Huntbear

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    I want something to hunt dogs, rockchuck and cougars with.. but something I can run a 30 round mag dry once in awhile to ease that trigger finger

    I want something that is useable as a defense weapon, but I can knock a yote or cougar down at 3-400 yards if needed. Yes, I can shoot that well, do it all the time with a bolt gun.. I am looking at a 16 in. barrel, but I know I do not want a mil spec m4 barrel or a .950 dia. bull barrel.
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    Well many HBARs are .750" and the old pencil barrel is .625". There is a government profile that's a combination of both and it's not necessarily an M4 profile. In a 16" barrel the pencil/LW can be about a pound lighter than the HBAR.
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    I hunt coyote, but have most luck at night. Shots are rarely over 200 yards. I use a 16" lightweight barrel and its plenty accurate for dog control.

    Based on what you are saying, you'd probably be best served by a 16-18" wylde chambered stainless barrel. PSA has a model but hasn't been in stock for some time. I recommend a 2 point sling for it as well. I carry my rifle, a caller, a decoy, a folding stool, and a shooting stick when yote hunting. Without a comfortable sling for the rifle it would be a PITA.

    Anything longer than 18" are bench rifles. Try shouldering a 20-24" bull barrel and you'll agree. My buddy got this one with a 16" delton M4 profile standing freehand. It was 11pm, 100 yds and he was using PVS-14 NV attached to a day scope. Second picture is one of mine, taken with a wicked 400 hunting light.

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    You can do all that with a lw barrel.