Barrel break in process?

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    So i am in the process of building an AR upper and I have some questions on barrel break in. I have heard mixed things about this process. Some say that this process is just a scam and the people that say that this process is necessary are just saying it so you have to buy another barrel sooner.
    heres a link to one expert that has this opinion:
    How to Break-in a Barrel

    and some suggest the one shot one clean method.

    my AR isn't going to be used for extreme accuracy but I would like it to be as accurate as possible of course. let me know what you guys think of this topic.
    thank you
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    Taking a little time to break-in your barrel will mostly help with copper build up until the throat gets a bit polished out from having a few rounds put through your rifle. There is no set rule for how many rounds it will take until copper indications reduce. Some rifles I've had never had any coppeer indications and others would take 30 or so rounds before the copper indications reduced. I often question if it is really necessary but I still do it if for no other reason than to just see what the new barrel is going to do.

    Also I don't like or use abrasive cleaneres.

    Break-In & Cleaning
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    ALright well thank you for your opinion, i think i will do what you suggest. thanks again