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  1. Jman

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    There's a gun show coming to town this weekend and I'm looking to buy. Is it generally acceptable to attempt to "talk down" the price of a weapon or bargain with the dealer/seller at gun shows? What about gun stores? I don't want to look like a fool trying to bargain if its not generally ok to do so. :confused:
  2. jpattersonnh

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    I always talk them down. You better know what you are talking about.

  3. dunerunner

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    Piss them off and the price usually rises above the original with no reverse! :D
  4. Wambli

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    Absolutely, both at a gun show or at a gun store (usually when dealing with used stock) it's Ok to make a reasonable offer below sticker if you think the gun should be priced lower. It's also Ok to pay sticker if the gun is a steal as priced. Sometimes if you appear undecided the dealer will "sweeten" the deal himself without you asking, specially late afternoon on Sunday.

    It's not Ok to make an insulting unreasonable offer.
  5. LotzORemmies

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    I'll haggle until they're blue in the face. They usually won't drop the price until I whip out a fist full of green backs (and I do this last) It's worked every time for me. Really helps if you do combo purchases as well. If I can't get a deal, I go somewhere else. I really try to not buy on the internet to keep my hard earned money in my community, but if a local option doesn't materialize, I hit the net. Just my two cents. Best of luck, and as said earlier, KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR!
  6. CA357

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    If it's something I really want, I'll ask if that's the best they can do. Most times they'll give me a song & dance and then come down. If it's not enough, I'll then state what I had in mind. They can take it or leave it. Generally we can come to an acceptable deal.

    I'm polite, but firm. I do not want to insult the guy, because I want his stuff at a fair or better price. If he's a jerk about it, I walk. I'd rather do without.

    I know what I want and what it's worth to me. I also know about the firearm or accessory, so he can't BS me. That gives me an even playing field.

    YMMV :cool:
  7. JonM

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    get a firearms blue book so you learn condition of weapons markings and what they are considered to be valued at. then go from there.
  8. c3shooter

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    Shows and dealers- especially on used firearms. Have been known to ask "Do you have in wiggle room in the price?" Works best on the second afternoon of a 2 day show. Wiggle room does not mean $200 offer on a $500 price tag- but it MIGHT mean $175 on a $200- or it MIGHT mean a box of ammo with the gun. "!0% for cash?" may get you a counter offer of 5% (they pay credit card companies 3%) DO NOT speak ill of the merchandise or pricing- if he says yes DO NOT say "I want to look around some- I'll be back." Pull out money, fill out paperwork, take gun THEN. If he says no- then he said no.

    I can't remember how many girls said no, until I met this little redhead.....:rolleyes:

    But you ask anyway!
  9. Jman

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    Thanks for the info guys. Learn something new everyday.