Baretta 391 Urika - Cleaning & Reliability

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    Ok folks - how often and how long do you clean your gun. I used to clean it about every 400 plus rounds. Piston, spindle, bell housing and making sure the two gas ports are clean. snake for the barrel.

    Carb cleaner, brushes, pipe cleaners and flat head screw drivers for stubborn carbon removal.

    Just started to shoot again recently and the gun is jamming. Cole of Maine said a shell should eject 6-8' from the gun. If ejecting less, install a lighter spring, if ejecting more, then heavier spring. Lifting gate is a known issue in failure to feed issues but that at least, Thank God, doesn't seem to be the problem.

    Was wondering if I'm missing something in the cleaning ? Ammo w barely eject or not at all. New ammo did not have this problem. In skeet, you go w lightest 1oz load possible. Now, after 45 min cleaning, the gun is firing both old & new ammo. But it's a new case of the old ammo.

    PS: bell housing where piston rides is hard to clean. How do you do it ? I use very thin, long handled, flat head screwdriver that fits into the four round gas ports so I can scrape the carbon from them. Baretta recommends pipe cleaners but they won't do **** !

    Did I get a bad case of ammo ?

    Do I need to install a lighter spring ?

    Does a Baretta require a 45 min cleaning every time I shoot ? What exactly do you clean ? Maybe we can find out what HAS to be cleaned and what can be left to once or twice a year.

    I have shot about 2,800 rounds through this gun, 90% are light skeet loads. Mostly 1 oz loads due to recoil.
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