Barbary Sheep Decimated West Texas Big Horn Population

Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by tinbucket, Nov 23, 2020.

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    I watched some of a hunting show. They were going to put radio collars on some Barbary Sheep.
    They said in the 1800s and later Private Ranchers and others brought those sheep in from Africa to hunt to to sell hunts for. That is irony for at the same time thy killed off all the Buffalo and Bears and pretty much everything else,as to exterminate them.
    It was reported there was now over 10,000 of these Barbary sheep, I think I got that right, and they have decimated the ecology. The native Big Horn sheep couldn't compete and are pretty much all extirpated from west Texas. Most of Texas is private property and they still sell hunts for exotic game, including these Barbary Sheep. Why doesn't Texas declare them as pests and conduct hunts to eliminate them? It would be a really big job looking at the terrain in the show.
    Second ,Americans all, need to push our Elected Officials to restore our Native Game, not allow its destruction!
    On edit: I forgot to mention the burros are south of I40 all the way south of Prescott, and on towards Phoenix, and eat toward the road just west of Williams on south and over toward the Tonto National Forest. And It think they are south of Phoenix, now but I may be wrong. And of course they are south of Lake Havasu, and into California.
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    A good start would be eliminating so- called "wild horses."
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    Blasphemy you, talk. :D

    Just kidding. Those pesky wild burros and wild horses cost taxpayers a big bunch. Best figures i can fin: Currently there are about 90,000 wild horses and another 36,000 in holding facilities. The feds truck these wild horses to numerous holding facilities, many east of the Mississippi River.
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    I'm thinking that the mules are being penned up to go with the 40 acre plots.

    Coming to a Red State near you.
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    Referring to those Burros in Arizona: When a Jenny has a colt, the Jacks are fighting to breeder before it drops! They breed her within a few minutes or an hour. I don't know any other creature that does this. This is the reason they spread like a wildfire.
    They defecate in the water holes and springs they drink from...and no other wildlife will then drink the water, but they do. We spent several months out there recently and saw at Oatman,Az part of the problem. California Junk or Memorbila Dealers want the burros there to draw tourists and to hell with the ecology and other wildlife. On route 66 from Oatman to Needles, California, every few feet is a pile of burro droppings, on both sides of the road. People must drive out in the evenings from California and feed the cute burros, all along that road, and every other road in the entire corner of Arizona, and in into Nevada, and progressing toward/already there to the Grand Canyon, and beyond. These Junk Dealers and Bambie Tourists won't let the State or Feds eliminate the now tens of thousands of burros or even cull their numbers. Eventually they will/could eliminate all other wild herbivores and rabbits and predators and other wildlife in the entire southwest. Someone said the coyotes won't can't handle them. I have no idea if that is true or not.
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    Tinbucket, Are you on drugs?
    You come up with the wildest crap I've ever heard.

    One reason is the State of Texas can't tell land owner's what they can or cannot have running around on their PRIVATE property.
    Exotic game can be hunted 365 days a year in this state, whereas state regulated game animal's are only allowed to be hunted in a season declared by the TP&WD.

    There have never been great herd's of Bighorn sheep in Texas, at least not in the last 200 years. They started restocking them in 1954 with out of state animal's.
    As of 2018, Texas has 11 different herds of Bighorn sheep with an estimated 1500 animals.
    The state only offers 2-3 draw hunting permit's a year to hunt them. So good luck getting a tag for one.
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