Banning lead amo, detachable mags, and reclassifying shotguns as an Assault Weapon?

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by Cutlass327, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. Cutlass327

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    Saw this on FB, thought you people from Kalifornia may be interested:

    Anti-gun lawmakers look to blindside gun-owners in California this week

    By Staff 10 September 2013

    Hey, did you hear about the bill to ban lead ammunition in California (AB 711)?

    How about the one that would ban all semi-automatic rifles that use detachable magazines (SB 374)?

    What about the one that would require the confiscation of all magazines over ten rounds (SB 396), or the one that reclassifies shotguns as a new form of assault weapon (SB 567)?

    You can be forgiven if you’ve missed out on these or any of the other bills in a massive raft of anti-gun legislation in California that would, on a fundamental level, destroy the Second Amendment for law-abiding citizens while having little or no impact on criminal behavior with firearms. The left-leaning media has muted all discussion of these bills, to the point that many gun owners in California are unaware that their constitutional rights are under assault.

    The California legislature has the rest of this week to pass these laws through both houses, and then Governor Jerry Brown has until the 13th of October to either sign or veto them.
    If you live in California and don’t want to lose your gun rights, call your legislators today
  2. opaww

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    Commiefornia and the creampuff as it's gov. can suck it their own asses

  3. noahlanier9

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    It seems we're fighting a up hill battle here in kalifornia, help is needed from anywhere we can get. If guys wanna help out please sign this petition..

    Basically we're screwed as far as the votes go, our only real hope is Jerry brown (pretty much the worst case scenario you could as for) but if you don't try your guaranteed to lose. Help some fellow gun owners out and the sign and pass the Petition to anyone and everyone you can.
  4. peopleofthesun

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    Share this Ca residents: will send all that with just filling out a simple form. A lobbyist delivered letter right to Brown's office. No donations required but greatly needed. It is brought to you by the Firearms Policy Coalition. Do it daily and have 5 friends doing the same. Share it! We have many new radio ads coming like this one.

  5. JW357

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    I'm aware of it all. Have contacted the snakes several times. Signed multiple petitions. Spread it as much as I could.

    There's still no hope.

    Just burn this mother down.
  6. MisterMcCool

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    Why do politicians attack lead ammunition and ignore lead fishing weights? :confused:
  7. therewolf

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    That's just great.

    I can see it now:

    The Mossberg 590 Marine Tactical Assault Shotgun...:rolleyes:
  8. kbd512

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    Don't worry, lead fishing weights will be next assuming there's not already a bill in the works somewhere making fishing illegal.

    All the good people of California should come to a free state like Arizona or Texas, but leave the commie attitudes and tendencies in the DPRC.

    I travel to the DPRC just about every week and love the weather, but you can't fight stupid people, so choose to live life elsewhere. That old saying, "nothing here is worth your life" is absolutely true.

    You're not going to win anything meaningful in a place where the objective of the representatives is to disarm the citizens and make them dependent on the government for protection from the criminals.

    California's representatives and law enforcement are pro-rape, pro-robbery, and pro-murder. Neither feel they are accountable to the people they are supposed to serve. Expect nothing but grief from both.

    This is what happens when you elect criminals to office. Read the writing on the wall and leave while you still can, as the problems will only continue to get worse.
  9. JW357

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    Agreed 100% with all.

    Regarding the bold, the wife and I are already making plans to move to Texas when we can.
  10. stagar15dj

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    Signed. I have called, e-mailed, and faxed the Governor's office asking him to Veto all the unconstitutional anti-2nd Amendment bills. Will continue doing so till either he vetoes, signs, or let's them go into law without signing them. Can't give up:mad: