Bad reaction while OC

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    Jim- had some stuffy old bag making catty remarks about old men with young girls when my cute little 19 year old grand daughter smiled. told her she did not care about my age- she loved me anyway-and that she was my grand daughter- and YOU, madam, are a nasty minded old bat. Heavy emphasis on the BAT.
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    That's funny
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    I've gone back to shaving my head to erase the grey...
    my twin sons are 7 years old and I get a few Grandpa
    comments when I let the hair grow...which are responded
    to with "NAWP, I'm just a Dirty Old Man with a Young Wife!"
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    Here in Wisconsin we've had "open-carry" a very long time before Governor Walker signed "conceal carry" into law.
    Several folks tested the availability to OC down in southeastern Wisconsin, only to be confronted, in a grocery store and on a city bus, and in some cases were actually cuffed by an over-zealous police officer for 'disturbing the peace' and/or being a 'public nuisance'. Fortunately, the presiding judge in court was very cognisant of what the LAW actually stated, and the incident was dismissed.
    Several of those "nasty bad guys with the audacity to carry a GUN in public, which scared the bejeezus out of several 'blue hairs' who noticed what they were doing, called the cops. Several of those arrested sent letters to the local papers editor. Those letters were published, but, of course, nothing was ever mentioned concerning the boys-in-blue getting schooled, or reprimanded, for their wrongful behavior concerning what the LAW actually allows, and to keep their cuffs on their belt. Wonder if they were told by their chief to do a bit more reading concerning what the LAW allows and how it really works?
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    When I got married the ol lady and I (she 6 yrs older) went out for dinner and the waitress handed her the check.

    Not good.

    Went to dinner with the youngest and the ol bat, yesterday.
    Young gal started to hand her the bill...............she corrected herself but still, the glare was wicked.

    Like it was my fault.

    I was not CC or OC, but might have to, for when the bill goes to the wrong person!
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    Evidently they take after their father.:p