Bad Day at the Range?

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by cottontop, May 11, 2013.

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    Was at the local range Friday when a guy two stations down from me had a very unfortunate incident, though it could have been worse. This guy is a regular at the range so I have talked to him quite a bit in the past. Anyway, he came over to my table and asked me if I could help him. He said he fired his .25-06 and now he can't get the bolt open. He is a handloader and he said he must have over charged that last round. So, we borrowed a rubber mallet from the RO and hit the bolt handle a few whacks until the bolt opened.

    The case was stuck in the chamber, so we knocked it out with a cleaning rod. The case looked awfully strange; then, I saw the problem. BTW, this .25-06 rifle is a Marlin X7. He also had on his table, a .300 Savage Remington 722 and some .300 Savage ammo laying there. Seems like he inadvertently put a .300 Savage round in the .25-06 rifle, closed the bolt, and fired it. That .30 caliber bullet actually went through and out that .25 caliber bore. I never knew such a thing could be possible. One possible reason might be that he was using Nosler 125 grain BT's (less bullet mass to be swaged down by the smaller bore.)

    We noticed that the only visible damage was that the extractor on the bolt had broken off. I told him to take it to a gunsmith and see if it was safe to shoot after the extractor repair and if the gun has been compromised at all. I doubt if it has. The smith will also check the head space. The rifiling looked ok, but think the barrel may need to be replaced. I guess if it still is accurate, the barrel would still be ok. Anyway, I think he was very lucky that the gun didn't blow up.
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    Wow sounds like he needs to pay better attention to what he's doing. Glad no one got hurt. I would definitely consider that a bad day at the range.

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    WOW kinda like the pics of the 22 in a 17 that bullet pic shows alot lol
    My luck it would come apart in my face, be like what the hell happend
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    A 30 cal through a 25 caliber bore?!? That I would have to see to believe. I would think the chamber would burst before it managed to push through. I had a brass get bad stuck once, it was the proper caliber and was not a hot load could have been a bad batch of powder since all loads showed excessive pressure well below max. Thank goodness it was a CRF action, the huge extractor claw held up just fine while I hammered the action open.
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    It looks like the lesson here is to only have the ammo for the firearm you are shooting on the bench. That was one tough rifle.
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    I have seen that happen a handful of times over the years,one laps in the thought process can result in tragedy,with any tool at hand!
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    He reloads and does that type of mistake?

    I would be real careful of my position the next time I see him at the range.
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    Very good advise. I'll bet he watches his ammo a lot closer from now on....It was me I'd get a new bbl anyway. I'd be paranoid every time I shot it after that.
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    Yes in deed! He was very lucky and hopefully he did not damage the barrel ???? But there is a valuable lesson here you have shared with us! * Never have any other ammunition of a different caliber out of the box or storage container on the bench when firing another caliber. Better yet keep it in your range bag and exchange all ammunition on the bench when shooting various calibers at the same period. I bet we will not have to remind the gentleman of this simple and important range safety rule in the future!
    Cottontop! Thanks for the "Reminder!" I have seen people commit this safety violation on more than one occasion. And I just cringe! I usually make some kind of polite suggestion or reminder when I see it. Some may shrug it off but then the old saying comes to mind! "You Can't Fix Stupid! :D But most will acknowledge by saying "Good Point" I had not thought about how easy it would be to get them mixed up. And especially when the casings are similar in size and length.
    Had a guy shoot a 243 Winchester out of his 308 on one occasion. Same Case just different caliber for example! And a 9mm through a 40 Cal.