Bad day at the range

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    Well, since I am taking the CCW class next Saturday and have only put about 40 rounds through my pistol, I figured I had better go get some practice. My neighbor who is a retired corrections officer and a CCW holder went with me. We set up our targets and proceded to shoot. At first everything was going fine, I was not dead on, but hitting close to the bullseye. I am left handed and left eye dominate. I shoot rifles and shotguns right handed, using my right eye. I am a good shot with my rifle. I started out shooting my pistol right handed, using my left eye to sight. This was working out OK. I though I would try to shoot the pistol left handed to see how that felt. The first few shots were good, then the gun bit me. Instead of holding my right hand in front of my left, I grabbed by my wrist. The slide came back and took a nice chunk out of my right thumb. It tore it up pretty good and now I am bleeding all over everything. I went to the Jeep and got a napkin and tried to contain the wound. I went back to right handed shooting, but I was disappointed that I had injured myself. I ended up with blood all over my gun, and my neighbors Glock when I shot that. When we were getting ready to pack up and leave I was trying the best I could to wipe down my XD and it slipped out of my hands (unloaded) into a nice mud hole. So now my new XD is covered with blood and mud. When I finally got home I brought it in and tore it all down and spent about half an hour cleaning it up. Hoppes #9 is some wonderful stuff. Well on a positive my well cleaned and oiled slide works smoother then when it was new. Has anyone else had a bad day at the range similar to this? I was more disappointed in myself then anything. I have been around plenty of rifles and shotguns, but limited exposure to pistols. I know I need to work on my posturing, stance, and aiming technique. Is there any good advice for a newcomer with a pistol? My neighbor told me to not aim my pistol like a rifle. What is the best way to aim a pistol? Thanks,
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    i have a keltec p11, small but its good fir what i use it for carry in front pocket in holster.

    when i 1st shot it it didnt have the magazine extension on it, and you should have seen my thumb after 100 rounds. black and blue.
    now with extension no pain

    in 1 month im getting a glock 19

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    hell it could have been worse, you could have shot yourself in the foot LOL
    its just broke in now thats all
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    Yeah, blood and mud on the gun. Please tell me you took a pic!

    As far as shooting it is too involved to write a description, would have limited utility anyway. Recommend you link up with a qualified instructor if you want to improve your pistol shooting. The left/ right mix doesn't work, if you are shooting right handed, must use your right eye to sight. Should be your dominant eye though; when you progress and start shooting with both eyes open the dominant (hence the term) eye will take over. Same idea as a rifle for pistol, focus on the front sight (for most applications).
    Good luck, sorry to hear you got bitten.
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    Without blood and mud nothing has been properly broken in. Don't let it get to you Mark, clean the piece, put a Bandaid on your hand and get back out to the range. When was the last time that something you wanted really bad came easy?

    I had a Ma Deuce blow up on me one day one the range. It killed a new pair of Oakleys and my AG and I both pulled metal out of our arms and faces for a few weeks to come.
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    Slide bite, hot brass down your shirt, ah the joys of shooting. I keep a good supply of band-aids in my range bag as sheit happens...
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    what if u only got 1 eye like me and i shoot right or left handed with equal both being accurate
    but i have had bad days
    my friend (Jon) was shooting in the direction of 2 of my other friends almost killed them
    and another time (Mike) another friend took a .357 hammer cocked and loaded to his head and his finger was on the trigger
    we were at the range and a dude in the next booth had a M1 Grand blow up on him i got hit in the left side by steel
    another time the cops came and pulled the plug on us after 45 minuets the quad riders next to us sed we shot at them and had full autos
    so they asked us to move and my friends got scared and we ended the trip without having fun
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    A bad day at the range is better than a good day at work?
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    Agreed! Practice is what it takes to improve. If you want to practice at home, get yourself a good Snap Cap or better yet, a Rovatec in chamber laser. Then you can dry fire all day and get the true feel of the gun. Next time at the range will be an improvement just from familiarity. If nothing else, you learned a good lesson and, hopefully, won't repeat it again. :D
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    Sounds like you might have felt a little awkward, which would be quite normal for newer shooters. A good thing to do is practice stance, proper grip placement, sight alignment, and dry fire practice when your away from the range. Another is get very familiar with your pistol, it's controls, and how it feels in your hand. Wearing the pistol on your person a lot helps bond you to it's presence.

    The first and foremost lesson which should be learned is Safety. Learn how your pistol functions from the inside out, rather than just looking at it's external controls. Know what safety features are incorporated into the pistol's design, how they work, and how to use them. Know the Manual Of Arms for your particular pistol. Forming habits of checking and rechecking chambers, before handling a firearm ,goes without saying.

    What you learn now, will be something you will one day pass on to others; use trusted sources.
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    Taurus mishap

    My father bought a brand new Taurus Tracker .357 4" barrel. I took it to the range and shot approx. 12 rounds through it with no issues. I cleaned the gun for him and at a later date, we both went to shoot his new gun. His first and only shot blew the entire barrel off at the frame. The barrel traveling approx. 15 yards down range. The entire indoor gun range had to be shut down while he retrieved his barrel. The ammo was Federal .357 158gr. JHP. He shipped it back to Taurus and received a new gun in a few months. I can't blame him for wanting to trade it in on a S&W or Ruger. That was a pretty bad day at the range! LOL