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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by laynejc, Mar 17, 2009.

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    i got a final approach blind a while back to go waterfowl hunting, it was missing some parts and I didnt think to check it before I got to the location. I gave them a call today and they said that I would have to return it to the store, which is a 2hr drive. they said they dont send replacement parts or sell replacement parts. I was really upset and asked the lady on phone "so what you are telling me is that it is pointless to buy your shi**y a** products because you dont stand behind them?" and she said yeah that is right! I ended the call after that. The company that owns final approach is bushnell and they also own tasco, serengetti, bolle, uncle mikes, hoppes, stoney point, butler creek, and kolpin. not sure how their customer service is but if it is anything like fianl approaches I wont be buying their products anytime soon.
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    This is what happens when a nice small bussiness is purchased by a huge company. I think Clark Howard calls it "No Customer Service". Of course by the time you realize this you have already purchased one or more of their products! :mad:

    Sorry for your bad expirience! And thanks for letting us know!