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    OK, I am not one to complain but this kind of got to me today.

    Have put over 600 rounds through the BG 380 with not one failure of any kind. No FTE, FTF, slide lockback issues...nothing. In that 600 rounds I have shot; PMC Bronze, Sellier & Bellott, Remington, Winchester White Box, Hornady Critical Defense and PPI to name a few - never, as I said, any issues.

    I recently bought a few boxes of Herter's from Cabela's and I did this without asking around. Of course after I ordered I checked some reviews and saw quite a bit of feedback regarding FTF (failure to fire). Today was my first chance to try it out.

    First round does not fire on first strike...eject and check to see a rather large dimple, yet no bang.

    Second thru 6th round...OK.

    Next mag...3 consecutive no fires so I start to worry about my firing pin. Changed out mag and went to WWB...40 flawless rounds. Tried a second box of Herter's...3 consecutive no bangs.

    Small sample testing says: garbage ammo and shame on me for buying.

    By the way, the gun still shoots and feels GREAT!
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    Ive only used Herters in 7.62x39, thru several different AKs and SKSs. No issue at all. Granted, theyre garbage disposals.

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    I purchased 10 boxes of Herters .357 a couple of years ago because it was inexpensive and I needed some brass. It all went bang. I do know they use different suppliers and slap the Herter name on it, so you could have gotten some bad stuff. I"m guessing you purchased it at Cabalas? Have you contacted them about the problem? Did you use your credit card? If so tell Cabelas that you want some type of refund or you will contact your credit card company and have them remove the charge (you did not get what you paid for - tell this to your credit card company if you call them).
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    My buddy bought some for his sks and he had a few that wouldnt fire. There was a nice strike from the firing pin but no ignition. Its probably just a bad batch.