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    Survey: Firearms Retailers Overwhelmingly Oppose 'Universal Background Checks'

    95.7% SAY LEGISLATION WOULD NOT PREVENT CRIMINALS FROM OBTAINING FIREARMS . . . An online survey of federally licensed firearms retailers conducted last week by NSSF reveals that those who would be on the front line of implementing what is touted as "universal background checks" have serious concerns both about whether such proposals would work as well as the potential negative effects on their businesses. Asked whether they supported or opposed "universal background checks," 85.7 percent of the responding firearms retailers said that they opposed them. To the question of whether they believed such legislation would prevent criminals from obtaining firearms, a nearly unanimous 95.7 percent said no. In addition, the retailers reported that they feared these proposals would result in higher regulatory and additional record-keeping burdens, increased risk of license revocation for record-keeping errors related to private party sales of firearms, additional delays in processing of National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) requests, low government-set fees that will not cover their costs, and increased liability exposure arising from having to process private-party transactions. Read more.


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    I bet that part of their fear is of the black market gun trade that would come into FULL FREAKIN BLOOM with that kind of policy. Hell, i'd never buy another legal gun again, just for spite.

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    I'd say you're right...
    ..I just can't understand how anyone can see it as a way to make criminals do the check., Like they ,would all of a sudden stop stealing them or just buying off black market dealers. Even now you can go into about any community and find someone selling guns to anyone and everyone and not too careful about where those guns come from. Making a check system for private sellers will do nothing but make more of these type of dealers.

    And not to mention that it gives a gateway to create checks or reg for ammo and other things.