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    I was wondering if anyone knew a source for performance testing of typical back up gun calibers? Not the old stand by 45 ACP's and 9 mm's and such, but 32 ACP's and 380's coming out of 2 and 3 inch barrels. I call these kinds of guns, "Gomer Pyle" guns (when you pull it out of your pocket you say "Surprise-Surprise-Surprise! to your attacker).

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    Are you LEO looking into a back up gun? What are you looking to do with it?


    Back up gun?

    Hello all


    I've been in the carry of a back up most of my adult life! I don't know a site that will tell you all the secrets that have taken so many of us years to learn? I've carried a lot of 2-3" 38/357 revolvers, with good results 9They put the bad guy down when I needed them to), I now carry as a "Back UP" and hot weather Gun a Pa-63 Small auto in 9MM makarov! So far have not ever had to use it yet to defend my life, but it will do the job, is easy to carry, (Alloy Frame), and the ammo is easy to find in FMJ as well as HP! I normall carry a full size 1911A1, or a BHP Clone in the regular length or shorter "Detective" length slide unit as a main carry! I like when my back up is the same or interchangable caliber as my main, but it's not a main requirement? I don't carry any spare mags for the back up on me, I do for the main carry! if 7 rounds of the back up don't do the job, I'm in more serious crap than I'm gonna get out of?

    I see it this way, try what feels good and works for you! Your own experience will never be replaced with any website, others persoanl opinions (Including my own) and or what the latest gun magazine says? In life, no free rides, you kill your own snakes and break your own horse? Not sure if that coes across as what I'm trying to say? I hope you all the best in your endevors and wish you luck in what your in search of?
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    Try this link:

    click on the Gelatin Tests, he has tried several different calibers and his testing of .32acp ammo is awesome!