Back to work full time or NOT????

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by ArizonaLawman, Aug 18, 2011.

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    0 some of you may know I retired after 22 years service as a police officer.

    I got out when I did because our pensions were going to change, and I would not be able to work in a LE capacity (other than as a corections officer or detention officer and I have ZERO interest in doing that) for another department and keep the pension I had already earned. Thus....I popped smoke, and pulled the EJECT handle and retired.

    Boredom has taken me over.

    So...would any of you LE or former LE pin the tin back on or FTW and enjoy retired life at 44?

    Bear in mind I have about 19 months left on my POST cert. I have considered doing what a lot of retired LE here in Az do and working for CAPITAL POLICE (state building police) a couple nights a month to keep my POST cert...but being a lock checker doesn't hold a lot of interest for me either.
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    Everyone's needs are different- financially and emotionally. Few years back, was looking for something I could do to give back to my community- considered Reserve LEO- but I have the weirdest travel schedule you can imagine, and I was getting a bit up in the years to be wrestling with drunks.

    Wound up serving on the Public Safety Commission for our town. Appointed by the City Council, no pay- oversight of the PD and FD, liason between them and City Council. We wound up going to a 24 hr aid fire service, with Volunteer back, building 3 new fire stations, getting our EMS Service up and running, and paying for itself, building a new police station, and expanding the dept. Frankly, was a lot of fun.

    If you are doing OK financially, but yer bored, and still enjoy some aspects of being a Peace Officer, have you considered volunteering time- maybe with your training and licensing group? Use some of that experience to pass along to the rookies just starting out. Will help YOU keep current as well. Might be part time- help teach this class, help out at the driving course, days at the range, etc.

    One of my friends retired as LEO, and became a magistrate. Here in VA, they are the folks that issue warrants, review intake of arrested persons, set bail for misdemeanants, etc. Tom found he really enjoyed that. Another became a part time faculty member of the local community college Administration of Justice program.

    Look around at what is there. More than you might think.

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    I can never retire, no possible way!
    But, I love my job, I love my paychecks!
    Pays the bills and usually a little extra!
    I'll work till I'm dead, I will be your Walmart day!
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    I'm eligible to retire as of 11 months ago. 27 years. I figure I can do 30 and still retire at 52. I start on my Masters Degree iin January. I am thinking of teaching college CJ classes. Texas State University is looking to expand their CJ program at the sattelite campus 10 minutes from my home.