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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by ontime, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. ontime

    ontime New Member

    About a year ago, I decided it was time to get my carry permit. I got my permit and bought my first handgun in many years, a glock 23. I loved how it felt, how it shot, just the beautiful simplicity of the machine. But I bought the gun to carry. It carried well, except for one thing, I could not get used to carrying one in the pipe. The lack of a "safety" made me uncomfortable. I sold the Glock and bought a Springfield XDM because of the grip safety . I got more confident with time carrying hot. It became habit to holster clear, Keep the finger straight and trust myself. I was at my LGS and bought Glock19. I now feel complete and totally comfortable carrying the Glock chambered. I have put in my order for a 30s. You know, sometimes it just takes time
  2. GeneralPatton

    GeneralPatton New Member

    You aren't the first to post this, and it's something I can understand and relate to, as I carried a G30 for years, without a chamber round. However, you get flamed for your failure to properly know how to handle a loaded weapon.

    I get it though, Do what makes you comfortable. My Glock on my nightstand.

  3. Byron0022

    Byron0022 New Member

    Carry your weapon in a manner you are comfortable with.
  4. kbd512

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    I carry my Glock in a kydex holster (better than a soft leather holster which may deform in a hot, humid environment and contact the trigger) and always look at the mouth of the holster before re-holstering the pistol to ensure there is no clothing or other crap in the path of the pistol that may inadvertently depress the trigger. It's a pretty simple and prudent gun handling procedure that should be followed with all pistols, irrespective of design. It beats shooting yourself in the foot and doesn't require more than a split second of your time.

    In response to the OP on another thread, I indicated that there is a Glock trigger safety device called a "Siderlock" that provides a manual safety feature on the trigger mechanism itself that works for right or wrong handed users if you feel you absolutely must have a manual safety on your pistol.

    The Cominolli thumb safety lever requires a permanent frame modification voiding your factory warranty, requires a different manual of arms, is more than twice as expensive, and only works for right handed users.
  5. Dearhunter

    Dearhunter Supporting Member Supporter

    When I carry my glock, I use a G-code Kydex also. I also use the Kydex in IDPA competition. I think is is the fastest draw holster out there. Plus, you can adjust the tension to your liking. And if fits close to your body.