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Rules are , you can only take 5 items with you and can only bring 5 items back .
No people or living things either . You can only stay for 3 days and although we would want to , no killing anyone unless they were people like the terrorist in 911 or the recent Movie theater killer
And you can only travel to one time in history '' No going back to buy 1928's then back to get the 1st colt ''

The amount of information you take or bring has no limit , IE you could stop
9-11 or warn of other things , you could go back and find out what happened to Amelia or the missing squad of navy planes over the Bermuda triangle. Say , take a new chevy suburban fully loaded back to , say 1990 and sell it to GM for 1 million dollars . But remember , you can only take and bring 5 items :D

So ........ What are you packing up ? What are you going to find out and what are you going to tell ?
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