Baby "J" frame at 20 yards

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    I was at the range with my S&W pre-36 and my Sig Mosquito I decided to see how well I could really do with a 1.875 inch barrel. I have carried one in one from or another for near 18 years and practiced a lot with it. I always here that one should not expect much from a snubbie. SO, I wanted to test the theory. Here's my Smithy:

    5-Screw .38 SPL S & W pre-36 6.jpg

    Well, the girl's still got it!
    The first target I did at a whim it still has a lot of 22 holes in it but the second one is all 38 with slow aimed fire. One thing I noticed is that I am more accurate with the sights than with the laser.
    Well, here are the targets:

    Grouping 4.jpg
    Grouping 5.jpg

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    Barrel length will affect FPS and sight picture. The shorter sight picture is harder for some people to align the sights. That is where the blame should be placed.
    The barrel has to get the projectile to spiral as it exits, and most snubbies do that in an efficient manner.

    (Good shooting!)

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    Damn Good shooting.

    And nice classic 5-screw Chief's special
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    That's a sweet ol' Smith and some pretty good shooting. :cool: