Baby Eagle?

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    Hey, thinking about purchasing a handgun in the near future. My question to some of the experienced shooters is, is the baby eagle a good gun? Like is it a good or bad gun for a beginner, is there major problems? Basically just an opinion on if it is a good gun, and is a newbey able to handle it?

  2. Dillinger

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    I guess that would depend on what you define as "good".

    The Baby Eagle is a large improvement over the original Desert Eagle and it's a much better overall piece.

    Have you shot one yet? Do you know what caliber you are looking for? Do you have a specific reason you like this gun as opposed to some others in the same price range?

    Help us help you. :)


  3. General_lee

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    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like the new baby eagle is a clone of a Walther P99, instead of a Jericho?

    Not trying to hijack the thread. Just not sure which version the OP was talking about.
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    The "old model" Baby Eagle was the Jericho 941 renamed (clone of cz75), but the "new" model doesn't seem to have any resemblance. Does look a lot like the Walther that General Lee mentioned. Wonder what the deal is with that...:confused:
  5. robocop10mm

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    The Baby Eagle is a CZ-75 clone and in my opinion a very good d/a handgun.

    The Baby Desert Eagle is a polymer framed, striker fired P-99 clone and as such is probably a good gun, but I have never fired one so I cannot say.
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    0 or org don't remember.

    I have a baby eagle .40

    All steel. Imi sa/da awsome trigger.

    Israelis build stuff to fight with. You can bet it's solid and reliable.

    I only reccomend the steel ones. Dont get plastic. It's not the same.

    There's imi and iwi. The latter is the newer ones which is Israeli weapons industry. Since israeli military industries was sold to or gave product to iwi.

    There's a few variants; imi, iwi, decocker, slide safety, etc

    Mine is the best IMO bc it's the original ones that have no decocker and safety on frame.

    I suggest you research them, google and YouTube. You won't find a bad review of the steel ones.

    They really feel great in the hand and shoot really well. They're of high quality, and also sport hexagonal? Rifling like HKs.
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    Nothing wrong with the Baby Desert Eagle, keep in mind it is nothing like the Desert Eagle and only uses the name for marketing purposes.
    There is not a lot of slide to grab onto for racking it back and the safety is on the slide. All in all a very good shooter.

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    more advice on the eagle, mags arent extremely hard to find, every gun show i goto has some, and you can even find a new one or 2 on gunbroker sometimes. id reccommend NOT getting a mag made for another gun like the EAA, CZ, or other clone like brands. id go straight for the exact eagle mag.

    i also really warn against the polymer versions. theyre usually high $ and arent as good as the steel frames from earlier versions. i found mine for $380 at a local gun show, and since ive gotten it, ive seen em go for $500+. i only have the factory 10 round mag and a 12 round mag though.

    also, the frame mounted safeties, and no decockers are more scarce, as they didnt produce as many like that.

    Google Baby Eagle:

    watch those youtube reveiws.

    mine looks identical to this one, except this is the full size one, mines the compact one.

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