B.O.B. Attachments

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    I have made a slingbow for my bob/hiking bag.


    Of course along with that I will need to carry arrows. How the heck can you fit arrows in a backpack without damaging them? I'll show you what I did.


    I purchased some PVC piping and attached threaded ends and caps. The arrows fit snuggly so they won't rattle around.

    I had to figure out how to attach it to the outside of my b.o.b. While at Home Depot, I came up with this idea.


    That is a PVC pipe size adjuster thing (forgot the technical name). I permanently affixed it to my b.o.b. I used 1/8 in galvanized steel (rope?). One through a hole I drilled and one across a notch I created in the PVC. This is the permanent part so that the PVC tube with the arrows can be taken off if obtrusive.

    I seat the PVC tube in the holder and use canopy tarp ties to stabilize and secure the upper portion.


    They are easily removed and can be good accessories to any b.o.b. This is what it looks like attached.


    Yea it's a little tall. But that's the point of the ability to detach. While on, it's really secure.

    I'm still hoping to shoot the slingbow soon. Just waiting for a good weather day. I also include a bag of steel ball bearings and an extra band just in case. You can push down the whisker biscuit and have the ability to shoot regular slingshot ammunition instead of only arrows.

    I plan to attach my machete sheath next. What kind of things do you attach to the outside of your b.o.b.?
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    My main bug out bag is a pannier. If you don't know what a pannier is it is a bag that clips to a bike rack. So I attach a bike to mine. :p

    Me and my girlfriend took up bicycle camping last year and were quite equipped. It was a good test of what we needed and what could fit on a bike. My family was camping at the same camp ground so if we screwed up we were still set. But we pretty much had everything but the kitchen sink.