axiom stock for 10/22

Discussion in '.22 Rifle/Rimfire Discussion' started by powg, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. powg

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    just ordered me one any of you have one ? any info ....likes, dislikes ,installation tricks etc would be appreciated
  2. Yunus

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    Does it have the recoil reduction system? I've only ever heard of Axiom for that and it seems a bit over the top on a .22.

  3. powg

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    axiom for ruger 10/22

    no ......its just 6 position adjustable in floats barrel band ..compatable with stock barrel or heavy aftermarket .....ive got stock barrel only now ....looking for a great way to start my up grades
  4. rifleman55

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    Just from looking at them, I can see nothing wrong with them.
    Being able to adjust it to fit you is a real plus. You will always shoot better with a stock that you can get to fit the correct LOP, comb height etc.

    Since your rifle is stock, I'd start eith getting a good trigger, then go to a bull barrel and send your bolt to "Q" for a re work, he does great work at very reasonable prices and has a fast turn around time.

    There is so much available for the 10-22 that you can end up paying a fortune. Pick the parts that will help the accuracy and don't worry about the others unless you want them,
    A Green Mt barrel for under $100 will shoot a slightly larger group than the $300 to $400 barrels. You might see a .1" difference in groups size at the most, so you have to decide if the extra money is worth it to you.

    Lastly, buy a quality scope. If you are strictly going to target shoot, you want a scope with quite a bit of power and one that has the finest wire retical you can find. It also has to have great glass, which rules out the cheap scopes. They are a waste of money if you are serious about getting great groups on paper. They are not sharp enough and their reticals so fat that they cover up the fine dot or + mark on the target, if you can even see it clearly. You then have to guess where the mark is. You can get very close, but your shots will not be tight because you can't see it every shot, your just guessing exactly where it is every shot.
    One of the best is the Weaver Target series, get the one with the fine retical and you can count the hairs on a flies butt at 100 yds. That is the kind of scope that you need to shoot the best groups. A scope can make a huge difference in groups size, so it's money well spent and if you take good care of it an investment that will last many years.

    I'd go slow, get used to your rifle and work on good shooting techniques, then when you upgrade when you have what it takes to get the tight groups.
    You will also need to experiment with differnt ammo brands and types to see which gives the best groups in your rifle.
    The Wolf MT match ammo seems to work great in most guns, it's a good place to start for match ammo and one of the less expensive match ammo's. For big box ammo, try some Federal Auto Match. It's about $16.00 for a box of 325. It's not a true match ammo, but many people find it shoots pretty good in their rifles.
    It takes a lot of time to find the best ammo sometimes, but it's worth it if you want the best scores on your targets.

    Enjoy your new stock and have fun with your build up.

    John K