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Awesome New Action

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Anyone seen this new offering from Badger Ordnance?

Wow! What a great design. 6 locking lugs. 60 degree bolt throw. One serious lock up when closed. No way is this baby blowing up on you.

Remington compatible, it will take any drop in trigger and fits all Remington stocks including the AICS from Accuracy International. McMillian and Manners are both producing custom stocks for it, as well as H-S Precision expected before the end of the year.

It's a limited production run - but if it takes off, they will be bulk producing the action next year in both short and long action variants.

What do you guys think?

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I think it's built into the front of the action itself. Instead of the recoil lug being separate, like on the standard Remy, I think they went with the one piece unit.

There is no question this isn't for anything other than complete custom build rifles. The guys who buy this action are looking to get all quality components and plan on spending $2K to $3K before optics...

This is in the same category as Surgeon and Lawton and those folks.

Where does this fall price wise versus a Hart Action or Rem 40X? Typical custom built rifle actions.
Can't really compare straight across with the Hart action. They send theirs out with a trigger that is "tuned" to your specs, give or take. Last time I priced out a Hart short action was a few months ago for a guy. I want to say it was about $1100 or $1150.

The Hart is a great action, much better than a Remy factory, but it is a round bottom action. This new one from Badger Ord is a flat bottom action, which personally I prefer hands down. And, as it will drop into any Remy factory stock, you have an advantage in glass bedding.

What that means to you as a shooter is that your 'smith can give you a much better glass bedding job on a flat bottom action. It's much more stable and a more solid base. There is nothing wrong with a round bottom, the flat bottoms are just much easier to get that bolted down solid mate between action and rifle.

The Badger Ord doesn't come with a trigger, but it does come with a 20MOA rail built into the unit, which is a great benefit. The Hart you have to add the rail aftermarket, then we always drill and tap the screw holes to one size larger for security on that fancy new glass you are putting on there.

The Hart comes with the SAKO style extractor and the Badger Ord comes with the M16 style. Both are much better than the Remy factory, so that is a wash.

I would say they are probably neck and neck depending on what you like. Not having handled the Badger Ord ( yet ) I am inclined to say either way personally.

As for the 40X - Well, that was a band aid attempt by Remington to address some issues. This is still a factory action. No factory action is going to match what a custom rifle action can do when assembled with equal components.

Can a factory action be made to shoot as well as a custom action? Absolutely.

Are you going to spend money reworking the factory action to get that performance? Yes. Yes, you are.

There is nothing wrong with the 40X - well nothing that wouldn't seem like me bashing my favorite Big Green action again for cpttango30's chagrin ( :D ) and it will perform fine for your average shooter.

That said, you can't compare factory actions with those turned out in the aftermarket unless you factor in what would it would take to get them up to the same level playing field.

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cpt - I concede your points. However,

Please Note:

The action is available in a short action now and long + magnum actions after November.

Also, the rail being held on with 4 screws is 2 more than most factory actions.

I agree, integral rail would be better. However most custom actions don't come with a rail, so anything over the action, for the price, is a plus.

All in all I think the action is a plus for the market place, but it's not necessary for your average shooter.

I do like it though and if it goes wide production and the price comes down, I would consider buying one for a future build.

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^ LOL - Agreed cpt. I'll see if Badger Ord will do a 2 for 1 deal for us... :D

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