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Awesome New Action

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Anyone seen this new offering from Badger Ordnance?

Wow! What a great design. 6 locking lugs. 60 degree bolt throw. One serious lock up when closed. No way is this baby blowing up on you.

Remington compatible, it will take any drop in trigger and fits all Remington stocks including the AICS from Accuracy International. McMillian and Manners are both producing custom stocks for it, as well as H-S Precision expected before the end of the year.

It's a limited production run - but if it takes off, they will be bulk producing the action next year in both short and long action variants.

What do you guys think?

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Few things I don't like about it. It is steel (You don't want that for a comp action). the rail is not integral with the action which stiffens the action and makes for a more stable scope mounting, it is bolted on with only 4 bolts not good enough. Didn't like the overall look of it either, to bulky looking, May look different in real life. short-action only and should offer in right bolt right port or right bolt left port left bolt right port or duel port styles.

Things I do like. Accepts Rem 700 parts 60* bolt throw 6 recoil lugs flat bottom receiver much easier to bed in the action. I also believe you get a better fit from a precision flat bottom receiver. Or if you are using a floating receive it makes doing that easier as well.

I think this would look right at home in a McMillan A-5 stock in camo and the action and barrel coated in flat black duracoat. Do I think it will last of course it will Badger Ord is a good company with a rep that is as solid as their mounts and rings. Do we need it no their are other actions that are just as good or better like the Surgon action, Stole, Nesika, ect..... It fills a niche market of the super duper ultra tactical crowd that need all the stuff for defending the mall from invading marauding Islamic Extremist.

Many of your custom actions don't come with triggers and such. If they do then they are tuned to your exact specs. Meaning you need to tell them creep over travel oz you want it set at and if you want a safety or not 99% of your high end comp action have no safety none.

Me personally when I build my rifle I am going to build two and send one to my dad all decked out and ready to go. I am going with a stole or nesika bay action Kreiger barrel twist depends on caliber and a laminated stock from West Custom Rifle Stocks. It will get either the Model 2000, Model 8 or The UnderTaker Rifle Stock They will both be topped off with Nightforce NSX 12-42x56mm scope And Richards Custom Rifles will build them or another shop out in the Pac Northwest. Not sure on the caliber yet. May do them in 6mmbr or 6ppc or even a 284 win both with min no turn necks.
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cpt - I concede your points. However,

Please Note:

The action is available in a short action now and long + magnum actions after November.

Also, the rail being held on with 4 screws is 2 more than most factory actions.

I agree, integral rail would be better. However most custom actions don't come with a rail, so anything over the action, for the price, is a plus.

All in all I think the action is a plus for the market place, but it's not necessary for your average shooter.

I do like it though and if it goes wide production and the price comes down, I would consider buying one for a future build.

Agreed for us it would be good for others it would not. LOL....
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