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Discussion in 'Range Report' started by unclebear, Jul 29, 2012.

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    today I went shooting I took out my mossberg n sons 22 bolt action and my Akkar 300 home defense.

    A week or go I bought some home defense ammo it was Centurion Multi-Defense buckshot it holds 1= .650" round buck and 6= #1 buck shot. And I also took out my new red dot which is a NcStar four reticule reflex sight model #D4B and I paid $44 for it. I shot with the sight on first with a few federal target loads and then I ran some of the defense ammo I bought through it. The sight held together pretty well (I didn't know if it would break or what it would do) at 30 yards I shot with it on and loaded with the Multi-Defense and the round slug hit the 1 foot target every time and the red dot was pretty much on target.

    I don't recommend this sight for anything bigger then a 22lr it's cheap to say the least I would have gotten something better if I had the money. The ammo it's self did pretty good but I haven't seen a ballistics test on it so I can't say it's amazing but definitely better then shooting lead bird shot at a home invader.

    The problem I have with most scopes and red dots is they don't have any type of rating on what amount of recoil they might be able to take so this is the reason I had to buy the optic in faith and then test it esp considering it is a lower end optic.
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    Soumds like you indeeddid have an awesome day!!

    anyday your above ground and burning primers is damn fine in my book