Awesome day at the range.

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by Rick1967, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. Rick1967

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    First off, I forgot to take my camera with me. Sorry. Anyway...I took Daniel (my 11 year old son) to the range. We had seen a bunch of Top Shot re-runs last Saturday night. We had seen the "Trick Shot" episode. Of course we had to try to shoot a rope. Really, how could we not? We used one of my sillouette stands. We tied a piece of conduit across the top of the two uprights. Then we tied a rope to the conduit and hung a heavy rock from it. Daniel shot my SKS first. He hit it a couple of times but didn't break it. Then we took out my 30-30. He was able to cut the rope 3 times with the 30-30. I didn't count hits and misses. But we only brought 20 rounds of 30-30. I figure he did really well. We were shooting from 15 yards. Last of all I shot my S&W 629. It is a 4" 44 mag. 250 grain lead bullets in front of 8.5 grains of titegroup. It is a heavy load. I missed several times. But when I did hit it, it cut the rope really major. The rope unraveled some. The second hit cut it the rest of the way. There were several misses in between. I was amazed that I hit it with a pistol at all.

    If you have never shot at a rope you owe it to yourself to give it a try. You don't feel bad for missing. Its a rope! But when you finally hit it, you feel like you should be on TV!
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    Good deal, Rick.

    Next time out will be "rope cutting day".

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    It's great that you could spend some quality time and have some fun with your son. :)
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    Sounds like you and your son had a great time shooting together.
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    Daniel has become quite a shooter over the years. I started him out very young. The only thing I have that he hasn't wanted to try to shoot is my 44 mag. He shoots my .357 with no trouble at all. Then again even though he is only 11 he is 5' 8" tall and weighs 130. He is a big boy. He has gotten really good though.
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    Rick, nothing is more rewarding and pleasing to the soul than teaching your children to participate in activities that you love, then see them come to love them as well. I taught all four of mine to fish, shoot and hunt at a very early age as did my dad me. My oldest took his first buck, a nice 8 pt, at 7 yo with a Winchester 94 and the best part was that ear to ear grin. I was almost 30 before I got my first, and it was almost as exciting.