AWB (Assault weapons ban) vs Post ban model???

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by capnklump, Oct 2, 2011.

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    Need a little help here. I am a far cry from being any kind of expert on gun laws, so any advice from some knowledgable members would be greatly appreciated. I am looking to purchase an Armalite AR10-A4 carbine. (see link). The one pictured is the one I really want, with the adjustable butt stock. I think this one is the assault weapons ban model. They also have a post ban model for this model. Am I not allowed to purchase the AWB model in my home state of Louisiana?? This is all so confusing, Thanks.
  2. Gatoragn

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    That rifle should be legal in LA. I purchased my first AR15 carbine in Shreveport. My AR came with the bayonet lug, adjustable stock, flash hider, etc.

    Check with a local gun shop.

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    im not a lawyer or anything but i believe that federally the ban was lifted however a handful of states chose to keep the ban as there states gun laws such as NY, Cali, and a few others. the best way to find out would be to go ask a gun dealer. heck just call them and ask. hopefully you can call a nicer dealer and dont get stuck witha guy who wants your money lol
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    ^^^What he said. The AWB expired in 2004 and for many states there is no longer any pre ban versus post ban difference. As noted, several states either reimposed their own bans or the laws on the books in 1994 were reinstituted, such is the case in NJ.

    In addition to 10-15 rnd mag capacity limits, a post ban gun will generally lack:

    -flash suppressor - permanently affixed brake is ok
    -threaded barrel
    -bayonet lug
    -collapsible stock - permanently pinned faux tactical stock are ok

    Best source of info for your state would be a dealer or local law enforcement.

    Good luck