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  1. SDJonathan

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    hey, just to get a grasp of the average reload speed of various people, I was wondering if you could spare a few minutes to list the following:

    1: How experienced you are with guns
    2: How long it takes you to reload a handgun magazine (please mention the size magazine you're talking about)

    This'll help a ton for my novel, so I'd really appreciate your help!
  2. JonM

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    it depends on where the loose ammo is. is it in a box, loose in a pocket, boxed in a pocket etc. i dont typically carry loose rounds as i have a ton of magazines. for my 1911 it takes maybe 7-10 seconds to load a seven round mag with rounds in hand. 15-20 seconds to load my 15 round bersa thunder 380 mags. about 15 secs to load my colt python with loose rounds maybe 7-10 sec to use a speed loader. im not fast with a revolver as it isnt a self defense gun and its used pretty much range only.

    there are folks waaaay faster than me.

  3. willfully armed

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    Im an avid shooter. Im also a successful shooter in IDPA. Pretty experienced.

    I just stopwatched myself multiple times, averaging 12 second for 10 rounds into my Glock 34 mags.
  4. Highpower

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    What? Revolver reloads don't count? :p

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giSaNiQ-Wb4"]YouTube - jerry miculek[/ame]
  5. SDJonathan

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    Well, reloading a revolver is completely different from reloading a handgun, right? I'm trying to get an idea of non-revolver reloading speed really, but I suppose it could help to hear revolver reloading speeds too...
  6. whtsmoke

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    SDJohnathan you have a novle idea there, didnt think they had to reload when it comes to tv or books:)
  7. SDJonathan

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    lol, punny.

    Yeah, that "botomless magazines" thing is exactly what I want to avoid. Partly because it makes for more tension and fear, and also because it makes the use of melee weapons less stupid. The problems of ammo would obviously be at their worst in a horror setting.
  8. c3shooter

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    If you already know this, please excuse the lecture-

    With a semi auto pistol, it is customary to have more than one loaded magazine. Rather than shoot mag empty, remove it, reload it, return it to the gun, chamber a round, and continue shooting, the standard practice is to shoot, drop empty mag, insert fresh mag, chamber round, shoot. Elapsed time 1-3 seconds. Even faster- shoot until last round has been chambered from the magazine, Mag is now empty, gun is not. Press release, drop empty mag, insert fresh mag, continue shooting. Depending on your deterity, elapsed time under 1/2 second. At some point, you WILL need to reload those empty mags, but that is after you win the firefight. Lose, and you do not need to reload.

    A revolver may be reloaded very quickly using a speed loader. Standard drill on one of the police courses was fire 6, empty, reload, fire 6 more, MAX 25 second time limit. With a good speed loader, no problem. Standard practice on a revolver for right handed shooters- press cylinder release with right hand. Left hand, palm up, thumb towards muzzle. Fingers push cylinder open, thumb shoves ejector rod down. Right hand inserts speed loader, twists to release (gun is now cradled in left hand, left fingers steadying cylinder). Right hand back on grip, left thumb pushes cylinder closed.

    About 50 years experience (God, when did THAT happen? )
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