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    So once againg i'm looking to get glock 20 or 29. The reason I say again is because last yr i wanted one but talked my self out of it. The reason is because i wonder about the availabilty 10mm ammo. Is it really that scarce. I currently own a full size .45 sig p250 glock 30 xdm .40 and colt M4 .22lr rifle my next purchase will be a glock 19 and either a glock 20 or 29. I wanted to cover the most common calibers. I really enjoy shooting at the range as well as my quiet time with the guns. But I also try to keep in mind the possibility of have to use them to protect my family. I'm not the type to create unbelieveable
    situations in my head but i do as we all should take in consideration the possibility that there may be shortage in ammo and may be only one type if we for some reason had a natural disaster or civil unrest. As much as I like many of the guns on the market I'm trying to stay away from guns that are finicky about ammo type and the possibility that it may not be available. What do you all think (comments) good or bad

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    10MM Ammo??

    gunsavy, welcome to FTF. I don't shoot, or load the 10MM. With that said, unless you have a uber stock of 10 brass, I would suggest that you hold off on that caliber for awhile. Sounds like you have pretty good coverage on the handgun calibers now. Although I have stocked up on components, and hand loaded ammo for 3 different calibers before I owned the guns to shoot them in- .22 Hornet, 9MM, and 6MM Remington, I do not suggest that you do that, unless you are into hand loading with the passion that I am. I enjoy the hand loading process almost as much as the shooting process. :confused::) There are a few on this board that have the 10MM itch, but they hand load their own ammo also..:p:eek:
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    georgia-arms.com they will keep you in 10mm ammo until the cows come home. Buy the gun and don't look back.