Autumn one of the best times

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    I love two seasons the best. Spring and Fall. This Fall I could not stay in the house. It was one of those beautiful days that we call Indian Summer. Temperature in the low 70's and a light cool breeze to keep you from sweating. Duke the Dog and I decided it would be an ideal time to go for a walk in the park. We wound our way through our suburb seeing the last blush of flowers in our neighbors yards. The trees were turning colors and the leaves were floating to the ground. Once we got out of the houseing area and crossed the railroad tracks we took a trace that followed the tracks. I remember as a boy walking along the rail road tracks and finding all sorts of castaways that had fallen from the box cars. It was like a treasure hunt. And I looked for more treasure while Duke watched for critters popping up their heads from their mounds of dirt. Then we hit the greenway path to the park, our destination. Our park is very large and includes lakes, sports fields, trails and paved paths with seats and picnic tables along the way.
    Duke and I just love the greenway as for Duke it is full of smells and animal trails. For me the quiet and solitude is a welcome respite from the Interstate Highway noise to the West of me and the major artery traffic to the North of my house. With no one out walking during the day (poor people, they were all working and couldn't enjoy a day like this) Duke and I had the place to ourselves. The leaves of the Cottonwood trees that lined the little chuckling stream filled the path with golden fluff in places ankle deep. And along the edges of the path even deaper. And I couldn't resist them. I left the path and walked through the windrowed leaves and it was so quiet I could hear them crisp and crumble as I stepped on them. (and with my bad hearing that is something) I kicked the leaves high and watched them flutter to the ground. Plowing though the piles of leaves made a beautiful noise that nothing can reproduce but Mother Nature. It brought back memories of my childhood, walking to school in the Fall and making the same noises in the leaves just to make noise I guess. And wasn't that why I did it now?
    We walked about 3 miles and finally came to a street that edged the other side of the park. So half our journey was over. But that ment that we could retrace our step and do it all over again! At first Duke wasn't sure why it was taking me so long to walk as I am usually urging him to stop checking out every tree and post. But now I was in no hurry to leave this beautiful scene of colors and dusty smells of Autumn. We finally made the whole 6 mile round trip and if my bad foot hadn't told me it was time to rest I would have been tempted to go around it again. Especially knowing that all to soon the winter wind was coming to scour and sweep the leaves off the paths and yards and send them on to where ever it is that leaves go for the Winter.
    Probably someone saw us out there acting like a boy and his dog but maybe I was a boy again.
    Sarge and Duke