Automatic Weapons - How often do you shoot them?

Discussion in 'Auto & Semi-Auto Discussion' started by mudpupp, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. mudpupp

    mudpupp New Member

    For those of you who are lucky enough to own Automatic Weapons, how often do you shoot them and how many rounds do you shoot?

    For those whose belong to a place like Frontsight that has Auto weapons classes and spend 4 day weekend shooting 1600 rounds from an Uzi or M-16, how often do you do it?

    1600 rounds of .223 or 9mm is expensive.

    Other full Auto ammo even more. Plus you can clear out a small stockpile in one outing.

    So how often do you throw that much lead and money downrange?

    Are Full Autos worth it to own?
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  2. texaswoodworker

    texaswoodworker New Member

    I don't own a full auto, and I have never shot one, but they do seem to be a waste of money. They're cool, but all you're doing is throwing lead all over the place. 1600 rounds of any caliber (except maybe .22) should last several months to a year depending on how much you shoot. If you have a ton of money you don't need, they are fine. Otherwise, I would not buy one, or shoot one for very long.
    If you don't have the money, but want to get PAID to shoot burst/full auto a lot, join the military. :)

  3. JonM

    JonM Moderator

    I technically own an m16 but im going to have to send it to a friend of mine in texas and create another gun trust with him. Havent shot it yet but ive "owned" for almost a year now.

    Its more of an investment/toy for me. It isnt something you want to load up and just crank off rounds for hours on end. A magazine or three now and then wouldnt be outrageous.
  4. silverado113

    silverado113 New Member

    I miss the days of shooting 20K rounds on the machine guns...ahh. I'm with JonM on this, it's definitely an investment because they aren't getting any cheaper to buy.
  5. nfafan

    nfafan New Member

    Almost never anymore. Ammo is too freaking expensive to shoot a .45ACP MAC at 900RPM. The Slow-fire kits out there for a MAC in .45ACP would equate to a boat-load of ammo to hit the break-even point on costs of ammo vs. the cost of kit.

    The vendor that cobbles together an idjit-proof caliber conversion kit for the MAC at a reasonable price will make a fortune.

    It's to the point where NFA is the beach-front property for the well-heeled to own and shoot. If I don't dump all mine for retirement monies, I'll "will" them to the kids as by then they will be even more expensive to buy - and use.

    Edit: Are they worth it to own... depends on if you have a place to shoot them - and as I mentioned; can afford to feed them. Really got to feel for someone who buys an M2 on implulse and has to find a place to shoot it at about $2.00/round or so. Shoulda just bought a Barret semi if they were going to do that. Which explains why .22LR NFA are SO expensive.

    And in a related topic to "worth"; how fast can you roll an NFA toy if your finances suddenly dictate the drastic need for cash. It is a LOT easier to sell a semi than it is to sell a full-auto, and a lot faster.
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  6. KingTiger

    KingTiger Member

    I shoot mine about once a month, mostly down at my hunting camp. I have a M11/9 with the Lage slow fire kit & 3 bolts, so I can run at 550, 725 & 900 RPM. I think it's the most fun you can have while still keeping your clothes on. The Lage kit has a rock solid folding stock & vertical fore grip which gives you excellent control - I can shoot better groups with it than my Glock 22. ;) I've had people shooting singles with it their first time out, so it doesn't take long to become proficient with it.

    It's hearing safe with a suppressor when using 147 gr. subsonics & increases your control even more.

    I also have the .22 conversion kit for it. I shoot it in this configuration more than any other weapon I own. It works fine with Rem Golden bullets which I get at Wally World for $19/525.
  7. mudpupp

    mudpupp New Member

    That sounds like a whole bunch of fun. Clothes on or not.
  8. Quentin

    Quentin New Member

    I haven't fired full auto since a Mac 10 in the '80s. Before that the M16. I've had opportunities since but declined because I'd rather not be firing someone else's weapon that valuable when it breaks, my luck it would kaboom on my watch. Just too expensive to have that hobby even though FA is the next best thing to orgasm. Fortunately orgasm is much cheaper! :D
  9. nfafan

    nfafan New Member

    Yeah, I looked into the Lage but it is like $800.00 for my M-10/45 - I can buy one or two more cool guns for that price. I'd consider a .22 kit, especially if he made one for the M-11A1/380.
  10. sniper762

    sniper762 New Member

    i munipulated the trigger on the m60 machine gun (full auto only) to fire single shots (semi) during the 1990's m60 competitions. i was able to put all rounds of a 20 round belt into a torso silouette at 300 yards. shooting it the way the army teaches (6-9 round bursts), a good shooter can only manage half that.

    after placing second in the nation (first place shooter also fired semi), the army changed the competition rules requiring full auto firing only.

    isn't the object of shooting (competition as well as combat) to hit what you aim at as consistantly as posible? geeeeeeez
  11. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    There is a finite number of rounds that can pass thru the gun before it wears out. And there ARE no more being made for us peons. Stays in the safe, have had it for years (1968 Amnesty) and is in reserve for the day when I need 15 grand, or to repel zombies. :D