Auto-Ordnance M1 Carbines Shipping

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    April 7, 2008

    Auto-Ordnance M1 Carbines Shipping
    By Frank Harris
    Kahr Arms of Worcester, Massachusetts, is now shipping the AOM160 Auto-Ordnance M1 Carbine, a .30 caliber rifle with a black polymer folding stock and metal perforated handguard.

    The Auto-Ordnance division of Kahr Arms began production of an M1 Carbine replica in 2005. The Auto-Ordnance AOM160 retails for $792.

    The overall length is 36.5 inches and a compact 27.5inches when folded. The AOM160 has a post front sight, flip style rear sight and includes one 15 round shot stick magazine. The Auto-Ordnance AOM160 weighs 5 pounds.

    Markings include the following: Auto-Ordnance, Worcester, MA behind the rear sight; U.S. Carbine, Cal. 30 ML on the receiver in front of the bolt and the serial number is engraved on the left side of the receiver.

    The M1 Carbine came into popularity during WWII, offering troops a better defensive weapon than a pistol or submachine gun, with great accuracy and range but without the recoil or weight of a full-power infantry rifle.
  2. Zappa

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    $792......for a copy?
    You can get a REAL one for that.
    Mine was made by IBM.
    Being a Mac guy, I'm proud to say it's the only IBM product I'll ever own :D

  3. hillbilly68

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    Agree with you "Frank", too much for a current production. For an underpowered pistol-gun that is too expensive unless it has historical value. Money better soent on a new AR rifle.
    My 2c
  4. ScottG

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    You can get a real one for less than that....