Aurora, Colorado....again.

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Sonic82, Jan 5, 2013.

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    and all this talk of the recession being over and times being good again? :rolleyes: I wonder why it is that the general populace cant' understand when unemployment is high, when taxes are high, when necessities cost an arm and a leg ... that the tensions get high and when they snap, bad things happen? :(

    Nope, lets all just put our heads in the sand and hope for the change we were promised to happen :cool:

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    Don't you find it a little inconvienent in your statement that both the Colorado and Connecticut were from well off families? Neither seemed to be suffering from the results of the recession.

    The two killers didn't go on shooting sprees because their welfare check was late.....
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    Id wait for more info... this could have been something like a bad drug deal. they say the suspect was maybe on meth, maybe it was a meth house. The general public could give 2 ****s if some meth head kills a house full of dealers, so expect silence from the media if it turns out to be that way.

    This type of **** happens all the time. I was just watching yesterdays shootout with Scandinavian police on liveleak... Expect stories like this every day as the media tries to sell the whole "OMG YOU'LL GET GUNNED DOWN AND MURDER SHOT IN THE FACE, ****ING TOMORROW IF WE DONT BAN FLASH HIDERS AND COLLAPSABLE STOCKS NOW!!!!!!"
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    hey, thanks for the tip ... I'm going to stay in the basement tomorrow ;)