Auction Sat. A.M. Need input quick!!!!

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  1. supergus

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    Please take a look at the list and photo gallery. I'm specifically looking at the reloading stuff. What is all that stuff worth? Should I snag this stuff or should a use the money for a new reloading set up? (still may pick up the ammo and brass) Oh, and if some of y'all in NC are going to this, at least give me a heads up!:D
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  2. Samples.32

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    Personally, I would snatch it up. Most of what I saw on there is definitely going to be worth it. Look up the price new and take off 25% and that is about what they are worth. If you find you don't need some of it. Since reloading things are hard to come by you will be able to sell them for a pretty penny.

  3. cpttango30

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    I would grab every last bit of reloading equipment and powder I could get my grubby fat fingers on.

    That Texan relaoding press is great.

    The Dillon tumbler is the biggest thing on the market I think you can polish a big block chevy in it really.