Att'y General Cuts Off FBI Interrogation Of Terrorist #2!

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by MattShlock, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. MattShlock

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    16 hours after apprehending the wounded-in-the-throat, unspeaking, Boston Bomber #2 a US Magistrate, undoubtedly ordered there by the Attorney General, went into the hospital and read the terrorist his Miranda Rights thereby cutting off the surprised FBI's interrogation for the now alleged criminal to lawyer-up.

    I suppose this was after he admitted he and his brother were on their way to NYC to use some of the rest of their bombs in Times Square. The NYC police have Bomber #2 in photographs there with four other people.

    FOUR OTHERS? Ruh roh!?

    Well, The Criminal Division of Eric Holder's Justice Department just basically labelled him a freedom fighter who only commited a crime, got caught, and poses and knows nothing about any other threat to American citizens...
  2. locutus

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    That must make a of folks happy.

    Our glorious AG is protecting the constitutional rights of the POS.:mad:

  3. rhyno13

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    You don't actually have to be read your miranda rights to have those rights. No matter what anyone thinks about that guy, until proven guilty, he still has constitutional rights that need to be protected.
  4. trip286

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    It only makes any evidence gained inadmissible in court until it's gained AFTER they're read and the prisoner is informed of them.

    HOWEVER, there is a balance that can be struck. I personally would be perfectly willing to gain inadmissible evidence if it can PREVENT another atrocity. So long as there is still enough allowable evidence to move forward with a prosecution.