Attorneys Needed For Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by Marty Hayes, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. Marty Hayes

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    This spring, the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network, LLC. was formed, and since then, we have enrolled over 400 members from across the nation, armed citizens who recognize the need to be prepared to fight an unmeritorious prosecution or civil lawsuit for the use deadly force in self-defense. Because of this rapid growth, we are now seeking attorneys that would be willing to represent Network members in their first interaction with the legal system in the event they are forced to use deadly force in self-defense.

    Consequently, if there are any attorneys on this Internet forum who might be interested in helping other armed citizens with their first contact with police after a shooting. please e-mail me at [email protected]. Or if the reader knows of an attorney in your area who might want to get involved, please have them contact me. Thank-you.