Attorney General Kathleen Kane Issues a Notice Regarding Non-Resident C

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    Related topic NRA Alert :

    " Pennsylvania: Legislation Introduced to Improve Concealed Carry License Application System

    This week, state Senator Rich Alloway (R-33) introduced legislation, Senate Bill 1071, that seeks to improve the current concealed carry license application system by allowing an individual to apply for a concealed carry permit in a contiguous county.

    If passed and enacted into law, this legislation would establish a more user-friendly system for applicants. Under the current application process, individuals often have to travel out of their way to apply for a License to Carry Firearms in only the county in which they reside. SB 1071 would give individuals the option to apply for a license through a Sheriff or Chief of Police in a neighboring county.

    Please stay tuned to and your e-mail inbox for further updates as this pro-gun reform advances in the legislative process. "

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    Does that include Gloucester County... :)