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    Nothing surprises me coming from the state of California!
    And being an Independent myself and look to vote for the right people for the right job. I hope everyone takes note of what party every single one of the implementers of these restricting Bills belong to! And I think that the good conservative Democrats out there today need to realize the Democratic Party of today is not the same Democratic Party our grandfathers and fathers took part in. There is a comment that in the past was made by the man who ran on the US Socialist Party ticket for president at one time. (of course he didn't make it!) Stated later that the US Socialist Party meeting they no longer needed to run for office and be concerned about their intended program because the new Democratic Party in American was accomplishing it.The new party is not true Democrats like my Grandfather and my Mother. They are Progressive Socialists and certainly not acting in the good of America or our Second Amendment Rights.


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    Did any of these pass?