The Founding Fathers thought so much about the right to keep and bear arms that they made it the second amendment in the Bill of Rights, only just behind the freedom of speech. Now there are those who would have this inalienable right crossed out.

Editors calling for repeal

In a February editorial by the America Magazine, the editors said simply "The Constitution is mere human law. It is excellent law, but it is not divine law; it is not revelation. We should be wary of amending the Bill of Rights. We should also be wary of idolizing it...The Second Amendment impedes the power of the government to regulate the sale or possession of firearms." The reason for this is siting shootings at schools, and the need to institute strict gun control in a brave new world where no right to bear arms will be acknowledged.

They further state, "This does not require an absolute ban on firearms. In the post-repeal world that we envision, some people will possess guns: hunters and sportsmen, law enforcement officers, the military, those who require firearms for morally reasonable purposes. Make no mistake, however: The world we envision is a world with far fewer guns, a world in which no one has a right to own one."

These calls by editors and columnists are not uncommon. Kurt Eichenwald asks for the repeal of the 2nd Amendment in a recent piece for Vanity Fair. An earlier piece by Melynda Price that predated the Newtown tragedy by five months voices similar views in the New York Times.


Would people Support it?

While polls state that most Americans see gun control as a sideshow topic, there is certainly a large segment of the population that would rubber stamp any effort to repeal the 2A if it was presented to them the right way.

Activist Mark Dice, in a social experiment, stood around wearing a gag "Bilderberg 2012" T-shirt and asked passing pedestrians to sign a petition calling for a full repeal of the Second Amendment and door to door gun grabs.

"We're just gonna repeal the Second Amendment and take the guns away from the crazy right-wing, white extremists," Dice tells a man as he's signing the petition. "And just make sure that only the illegal unregistered guns stay on the street.

Sadly, many signed. Apparently the word inalienable is confusing to them.

The Back door Gun Tax

As Emily Miller reports in the Washington Times, many states are moving towards marginally legal laws that enact new taxes and fees on firearms purchases over and above already existing sales taxes and PittmanRobertson Act taxes.

These new gun taxes range from $25 taxes in Chicago per gun to a 25% tax that Massachusetts is considering. In Connecticut legislators even tried to staple a 50-cent sales tax on ammunition while Nevada is looking at a 2 penny per bullet tax.

The times, they are a changing.

If you like the 2nd Amendment as it is, be sure to contact both your state and federal representatives to ensure they are aware of your views.