Attacker Psychology: Appearance

Discussion in 'Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection' started by User1953, Jul 27, 2007.

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    Personally I find that I am approached by weirdo's a lot more than other people that I know, it's almost as if I have a weirdo magnet in my pocket. I dress in many different ways and am just wondering what can you do to keep people from *wanting* to come up to you off of the street or thinking your a mark as far as dressing a certain way? Headphones are one thing...
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    Profiling works both ways....I have to admit being more suspicious of persons that appear gang-style and homeless..
    As far as being a mark, one can't dress on the premise that you will not be targeted by bums, etc....I ignore them and keep walking while my hand is close to my piece....I've been approached being dressed casually and formally as well....I just try to be in Condition Yellow.....:)

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    It varies from attacker to attacker. Motivation plays a major part in this, thieves look for vulnerable targets who appear as though they may carry a lot of money on them. If they are attacking just for the "fun" of it, it could be for something as simple as the color shirt you are wearing conflicts with their gang colors, to something as deep and complex as their own personal mental psychosis causing them to hate anyone with a moustache or something stupid like that. You can't let fear dictate your life, exercise your right to carry and stay safe.
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    It's going to be different for everyone, some might be attracted to tats while another might be from BDU attire who perhaps was in the military, yet another sees something in a person as being a nice person...
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    Hi. Newbie here.

    Interesting post. Myself, I'm a rather large, burly red headed guy and have never felt, or been, 'made'.

    I typically dress in Hawaiian shirts, cargo shorts and sandals alot and probably appear semi-crazy looking anyway (which is why I'd never open carry), but I'm as nice as nice can be.

    It is an advantage to look a little confrontational while on the streets. If I were not like I am I would definitely have to work on some type of image revision because I firmly believe that most BGs think if you look like an easy target, then you probably are, hence vice versa...