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Hi Folks,

Hi Folks,

On November 30, 2008 from 8am - 4pm Ardent Training Systems will conduct an 8 hour Integrated Combatives Course. Integrated Combatives is a course designed to combine hand to hand defensive tactics with close quarter’s combative pistol skills. The lead Instructors will be Paul Wages and Steven Mosley.

Paul Wages has over six years of law enforcement experience as a police officer, investigator, SWAT team member, and firearms instructor. Additional operational experience includes protective security operations in Iraq and the US. He has over two decades of martial arts training and is a Nidan in Ninjutsu and a gold medallist in judo at the '94 GA State Games. In addition to LEO credentials Paul is an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor who has been teaching since 2001.

Steve Mosley has over two decades of law enforcement experience. He is Owner/Coach of Combat Hard Fitness & Fighting. He also serves as the Director of Training for Force One Readiness and the Georgia Tactical Officers Association. In addition to work-related experience, Steven has over 20 years experience in Filipino Martial Arts & Jun Fan Gung Fu under Guru Dan Inosanto. He is also a Senior Instructor under the British Combat Association.

Cost: $125 Civilians / $75 LEO/MIL (GA Peace Officers will receive 8 hours POST Credit)

The Course will be conducted at the South River Gun Club in Conyers Georgia.

For course application and equipment list contact:

Paul Wages

[email protected]

404 409 7173
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