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    Got another one of those “what the he….” Put a recoil pad on a customers ATIS/Brescia shotgun, refinished his stock, and repaired fore-end crack, cleaned etc. Well somewhere along from then till now it appears the “carrier dog spring assembly” decided to go back to Italy, plumb disappeared! It’s a Francie 48 clone of a Remington 1148 clone of the Remington 11 clone of the original Browning A5 design. So it’s a long recoil type action, now it’s a single shot long recoil shotgun. Has anyone have any idea where I can get a schematic, or idea of what the spring assembly may have looked like? Good returning customer, out of work, needs a break, and I’m flipping the bill on this one; I guarantee me work for a year, I took it apart, I must have lost the part or what ever so it’s my problem. If I can get an idea I may be able to recreate the part or something.

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    Not being familiar with that model/brand of shotgun I'd think you need to get with the manufacturer for schematics/parts. Look on gunpartscorp for similar schematics. Wish I could help you but I've not had to work on those model shotguns before. You could get 1 for a different model and bend it to shape once you know what it's supposed to look like-but then you realize that. It looks like a fairly simple spring to make but I can't tell that much from the pics without the gun being in front of me.