ATI 92c(Beretta 92 centurion clone)

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    I bought one of these for 299.99 @ CDNN and figured I'd give a little review.

    The gun is a 100% parts compatible military grade copy of the Beretta 92 centurion. The only difference I can find is that the ATI version has a steel guide rod but other wise seems to be the same(minus the silly ATI markings everywhere).

    So far I have found 100% reliability with about 3-400 of my reloaded ammo. I have switched out the hammer spring for a 16lb D spring to lighten the trigger a some and put some walnut beretta grips to dress it up a bit.

    So far I am very happy with my purchase but I have to get used to shooting DA/SA(I wanted to shoot USPSA with it).

    Here she is


    Here's how it comes