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    I've seen in quite a few different sections questions about ATF rules and regulations and would like to weigh in. I put it here 'cause those questions arise the most here. If ever you have any questions concerning ATF regs concerning manufacture, dealing, full auto, etcetera I would go straight to the "horse's mouth". The ATF website ( ATF Online - Firearms - Industry ) has an excellent FAQ as well as has people devoted to responding to letters and emails about the regs. If ever any question or answer is in doubt, email them. Their response is a legally binding interpretation of the regs. Also, reg books and such are free for the asking in their document section. Hope this cuts down on some clutter around here.
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    I mentioned before that my brother and I owned an old fashioned Sporting goods store in Red bluff. We were not experienced store owners but went for it anyway. The ATF agent in Sacramento lived in Redding and would drop by on the way home on Fridays. The agent was always helpful, guiding us in our store adventure. I have no complaint with the ATF.

    The Calif Dept of Justice was the opposite. The DOJ agent would scream at me over the phone over any discrepancy no matter how minor.. Eventually, Calif passed a law that required we MUST take courses and training to perform transfers of pistols.
    When selling or transferring a pistol, I would have to certify the buyer was competent to handle the pistol safely. I responded that I would sell only long guns. They said I "must perform pistol transfers" and must take their courses, etc. We closed the store rather than expose ourselves to litigation because someone that we certified had an accident with their pistol.

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    I wanted to build a custom pistol from a rifle, had to go SBR and called the Cinci office. Folks were professional and polite, sent me a ton of info.
    Hanging out at shops, met some other ATF folks doing their jobs, everybody was nice and professional, even fun to talk with.