ATF changing Form 4473!

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    This form is a Trojan Horse. Moving the Firearm information on the same page as the buyer's personal information makes it very easy sn ATF agent to scan both in a single photo.

    Why make this change? Sounds far fetched;but, the process makes it very easy for the feds to create a national registry of firearms and their owners. Just one quick photo or scan, run through an OCR app, and bingo - you and your firearms are in the database.

    Never mind that by federal law, creating a database is illegal. Since when has that stopped ATF?

    ATF Proposes Step to Make a National Gun Registry Easier

    The ATF has issued new rules that will alter the format for Form 4473’s and make it easier to create a national gun registry.

    And we know that the ATF is now trying to put the names of gun owners on the same page of the 4473 as the identifying information of the gun.

    But if they’re successful with changing the 4473 in this way, it will be much easier for ATF to create a national gun registry by photographing paper documents.

    So it appears that we have an answer to the almost inexplicable question of why ATF is crawling over glass now to reincarnate the format for the 4473 which was junked decades ago.

    This is, of course, one piece of the National Gun Registry strategy.

    But, given that ATF is required by law to receive comments between now and February 24, it is worth our time to let them know that we know what they’re up to.

    So please, go above to urge our federal government to REJECT the proposed changes to the 4473 form.

    Again, let them know that bureaucrats shouldn’t be making it easier to register the firearms of law-abiding gun owners!
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    The ATF also has big problems now with their cases being dismissed as many guns and parts that they have traditionally regulated dont fit inside their regulations.

    I've only filled out three of those forms in my lifetime. Go private sales only and the ATF becomes irrelevant.
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    The ATF has kept all transaction records, built the database and continues to do so. l was told this in person by an ATF agent who then added "we are not out to confiscate your guns, we keep the records to help investigation of crime where firearms are involved.
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    And in doing so the ATF as usual are worse criminals than the criminals they so ineffectively persue.
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    Since when has the government worked on efficiency... They don't care how much it costs.
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