ATF and handgun returns?

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    Ok I won't go into it all yet. I feel dumb, screwed over, and out a bunch of money. But I tried to return a gun to one of these chain retail stores that sells everything from camping gear to handguns. I was told it was a P30L and returned home to realize its a P30. It was a bit of an impulse buy which I never do and I'm not familiar with the H&K line. They say all sales are final and the ATF won't allow them to take returns. He said I would need to take it up with ATF. So I just want to know does the BATF have anything to do with returning a gun to a store or is this guy full of it? I'll call the ATF on monday and ask them directly but wanted to see what you guys knew. Not saying the P30 isn't a great gun. But for about the same money I could have had exactly what I wanted.
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    He is full of fecal matter. There is no law forbidding the return of firearms to a dealer. The guy does not want to deal with the paperwork. I guess you know where your next purchase will not be from.

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    +1 on what Robo told you. The ATF doesn't care, as long as the paperwork is filed correctly. The person/company that sold you the weapon would need to update their books, and contact the ATF, to include the accurate update - and then they would have to sell a "used" gun instead of a New In Box gun - which costs them money.

    Don't believe the guys BS and don't be afraid to spread the word about who NOT to buy from....


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    The sales clerk is a dirtbag.................

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    +2 on robo, this guy is playing you at best. Contact him againg and let him know your going to contact ATF directly and you need a reference number for the transaction so ATF can review the informtion. If you purchased a P30L and got P30 you have a good shot at getting your money back. Simply not the product you ordered. If you got what you ordered and they expressed all sales are final then you just might own that firearm unless it is defective. I've bought on inpluse and regretted it but learned form the mistake
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    WTF? BATF NFW, and what he said!
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    Thanks for the replies. The manager now claims he never said anything about the ATF (a bold faced lie) and also claims his employees told him they never discussed the name of the gun (which is absurd). I actually talked to two employees about the gun. The first one confirmed it was a P30L. He wasn't there immediately when I walked back up to buy it and I didn't get into much of a discussion about it with the guy who actually handled the paperwork. But I certainly referred to it as a P30L with him as well. So I could give the manager the benefit of the doubt for talking to the wrong employee. But given his ATF excuse, I don't believe anything he says now. He said its store policy not to take firearms back. So store policy is to never do business with Sportsman's Warehouse. He says because I looked at it and said that is the gun I wanted that they won't take it back. True I looked at it, didn't notice the half-inch difference in length, and was told it was a P30L. I'd never seen either gun in person before and made the mistake of relying on them. I think they just wanted to move that gun and would call it an AR-15 if that’s what the customer wanted. So I'm probably stuck with it anyway. I could be stuck with much worse I guess. But I'll never step foot in that store to buy anything again.