At what distant do shoot at?

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  1. GMACK

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    Dosent matter if were shooting for the SHTF or just home defense. Do you really practice at distants that you might have to shoot at? For myself I have started bringing my pistol targets in much closer and rifle targets have went much farther out. I paced off the clear far shots in my home and found the max might be 15 yds and thats stretching it. It dosent hurt at all to be able to shoot at 25 plus yards with a pistol but anything much further then that I think maybe we should be looking for a long gun. As for the rifle I took a stroll around the property today and paced things off. It didnt matter if it was from the front door across the road and hayfield to the wood line or from the back of the house to the pond I was looking at a max range of a 150 yds. Most of us I bet can tear the center out of a target off hand at 50 yds. But truthfully how often do you shoot off hand at 150 yds plus standing off hand. When you go into the prone you loose a lot of visibilty to possible targets. Just my 2 cents and am curious to see what other input members have.
  2. mcramer

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    I try and shoot pistols at all distances from 25 yards and closer. I don't have to many rifles, but when I use my friends .308, I shoot 50-200 yards.

    When I shoot, I try and familiarize myself with both strong and weak hands, with every combination between strong/weak hand, supported/unsupported you can think of.

  3. comsubin61

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    I guess it depends on the gun. Fpr example if I am training with my 45 which is a 4" barell then I shoot anything from 3 to 15 yds, I believe that anything past that is not much realistic, although might be fun. If I am training with my pocket gun, a sig P238, then I will shoot anywhere from 3 to 7 yds, and again anything past that is not very realistic. I believe in training for the real thing not for show. Although I occasionaly indulge in some fun shooting.
  4. danf_fl

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    Handguns - out to 50 yards.
    Rifles - out to 300 yards depending on caliber.
  5. spittinfire

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    I shoot most of my handguns under 25 yards. I do have a couple of long barrels that I'm starting to shoot further out.
    Most of my rifle shooting is 100 yards and less. I would love to shoot longer distances but finding a place to shoot around here is a challenge without joining a club which costs rediculous amounts of money.
  6. spyderfan

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    We have a free range down in NM trap skeet silouhettes the long range that goes like a thousand yards down it's pretty nice set up for free.
  7. skullcrusher

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    Good for you for practicing with both hands because you never know. The op mentioned 'off hand' shooting which means unsupported. No matter right or left. Just so you know.

    Handguns that are not large caliber and long barrel, under 25 yds. Keep in mind that a handgun is meant for defense until you can get to a long gun.
  8. lukeisme

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    When we practice w handguns any caliber it is mostly at 15 yards and with the AR or SKS it is 90 yrds with the 06 it is 400 yrds. Alaways a 5" target cause the smaller the target the harder it is to hit and practice makes perfect.
  9. Lindenwood

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    I shoot my 9mm from about 4 to 75 yards, and my 12g from again about 3-4 yards to about 100 on average. I used to shoot my 10/22 from about 10 to 200 yards, though now it is more 100-200 yards since I obviously have better closer-range weapons.
  10. Pounce

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    It's good to be able to have control and hit what your aiming regardless of the range. Practical shooting,say for a CWP, 15yds and less perhaps? That can be tough for some shooters. Plus anything beyond,(15) in a self defense circumstance, might be considered by a jury to be out of the danger zone. Ya never know what they'll come up with.
  11. lonyaeger

    lonyaeger Active Member

    How is your accuracy at 75 yards with the 9mm?
  12. chopkick

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    I'm required to shoot from a barricade at 25 yds. for part of my qualification. I regularly practice out to 100 yds. with my handguns. Accuracy sucks but as long as i'm close, i'm ok with that.
  13. lonyaeger

    lonyaeger Active Member

    At what distance to shoot at?

    I would start with a preposition on the left, go about 15 yards, then end with another preposition on the right.
  14. liv2shoot

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    shoot IHMSA IHMSA - International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association

    22LR out to 100 yards

    field pistol 357, 44 mag, 22 hornet out to 100 meters

    Big bore 357, 44 mag 375 super mag, 223, 221 fire ball, 7-08, 308, 30-30, 7-30 waters, 7MM tcu, the br rounds, ect. out to 200 meters
    Check it out all in hand guns.
  15. culdee

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    I shoot handgun 45ACP and 357 mag. out to 25 yards but mostly at 7-10 yards. AR Rifle out to 300 yards, but mostly from 7-100. I focus mostly on avg grouping at a reasonable pace not pinpoint accuracy
  16. Morgo

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    Handguns out to 200m, every so often theres the chance to try a bit further. During the week it is mostly between 15yards and 50yards though.

    Rifles out to 1000yards, but occasionally get to increase that greatly.
  17. Bigcountry02

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    The local outdoor range in Albuquerque has 10 / 25 / 50 / 100 / 220 yds and 300 /500 yard targets.

    Pistol 25 yards and under.

    Rifle 50 and 100 yards. They next is 220 yard marker and the 30.06 is used at that range.
  18. winds-of-change

    winds-of-change The Balota's Staff Member

    I admit to knowing very little so please be tolerant of my question.

    My thinking is if I can hit a target at a distance I will also be able to hit a target much closer. When I target shoot, I like to shoot with the target out as far as I can put it (in indoor 25 foot range is the only range I have found so far) thinking if I have accuracy there I'll also have accuracy at 10 feet. Show me the error of my thinking, please.
  19. hogrider

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    I have my own targets at 12, 25, 50, 100 and 200 yards.
    Pistols I use the 12 and 25 yard targets.
    Rifles I use the 50 - 200 yard targets.

    IGETEVEN New Member

    Hey Larry, speak up like ya got a pair! Almost had to put my glasses on to read your post. :)

    Pistols, 25 yds or closer, but mostly 7-15 yds, sometimes some 50 yarders, but only if shooting life-sized steel silhouette targets. Rifles 25-200 yds. Any distance farther than 200 yds, I will wait for them to come to me, or I will go to them. :cool: