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    and a guy was in picking up a Hi-Point pistol. Didn't know how to operate it and the guy operating the place didn't either. I'm not a pistol guy but I tried to help out. Got it figured out and I went back to looking at guns/knives.

    The owner was looking around for the case that the gun came in with and the new buyer was kind of waiting on him. After a few minutes it couldn't be found and the buyer was going to walk out of the store with the gun in his hand. He had his car parked out front. I told him that that is not a good idea and in Illinois, transporting a firearm in a vehicle requires that the gun be in a closing case. He had no idea that it would be a problem.

    I told him that if a cop were to come down the street and he is on the sidewalk with a gun in his hand, he might be looking at a serious problem. It was finally decided that the store would loan him a hardcase until the soft case the gun came with was found.

    I almost couldn't believe it. We obviously need better education about gun laws. This could have been the kind of thing that makes it in the paper and makes gun owners look bad everywhere.
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    Is it true that a recent change in IL law permits a loaded pistol to be carried in the center console of a vehicle?

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    I wholeheartedly approve of you and your actions, Aand.
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    We don't need better education on gun laws we need fewer damn gun laws.