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    I work as a manager for a bar/tavern/rest. at nights. something like applebee or tgif. So around 2am this morning I am with the die hards , not really drunk but not really sober bunch. we were talking about 3 things.

    1. that my wife had sold my firearms while i was deployed to the lovely afghan paradise. Apparently my 15 year old girl found the combo to the safe and my wife caught her with them, they were unloaded but it scared my wife , so she sold them. she can do that as she had power of attorney. she saved the money and gave it to me when I came back.

    2.the high mountain timberland that I bought, its remoteness and that I was going up there to build a type ofgreen homestead type of thing. It is very remote and the place I picked is dead in the middle of the 12 thousand acre tract I purchased and full of everything, mountain lion, nearly every kind of bear, bob cat wolf and the entire gambit, and the need to not go with out a shooter iron

    3.BLACK POWDER the 7 people that were left were 3 women and 4 men all police/sheriffs and they started telling me to take the money that I had received from the sale of the previous firearms and go all black powder and buy either replicas of original pistols , rifles and shotguns, with any conversion available separate or 'MODERN' versions of the same.

    here is the problem I do not know muck about black powder as it applies to a firearm. explosives, yes thanks to the government training, they said that there are muzzle loaders, that you can buy that you can buy a conversion for it later buy changing the barrels. I told them that they were full of poo doo. But , again what do I know.

    so here is what I thought, as I am going to be at this place for months at a time, they did convince me to go with a black powder system.

    I would like 2 modern rifles/muzzle loaders
    1 modern pistol
    1 shout gun also modern

    1 very accurate long rifle, one that I might be able to get 100 or more yards from, preferably longer shots, with out problems

    the replica pistols I had already been looking at
    I want 2 matched sets with leather rigs[4 pistols]
    1 shotgun with leather rig for horse
    1 long rigle/rig

    so any way can you guys and gals shed any light on the accuracy or ther statements about modern muzzle loaders.

    2. can you recommend all steel rigs/non brass and the best brands and stores to purchase. I am going to need to purchase this by the end of the first week of january online or other. just give me all your advise

    I have considered making a bid on this property in mexico but I am having a problem convincing my wife it would be ok here

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    Wildthing, first, welcome for your service. Second, how's about stopping by the introduction thread and tell us a little something about yourself.

    Now, in regards to the muzzzleloaders.

    1. Modern inline bp rifles are very accurate even out to 200yds and more with the magnum loads. Rifled barrels and sabots.

    2. Most of them now days will handle a 150 grain powder load no problem.

    3. Check out major mfrs like Thompson Center, Remington, CVA

    4. Modern bp shotguns are just as accurate and reliable as regular shottys but one shot or dbl barrel.

    5. Pistol replicas are fairly accurate, long barrel the better and shoot conicals. Rifled barrels as well. They can be had in a variety of cals, .32, .36, .44 etc.

    If you go to a major retailer's web site, (like Cabela's) you can view a wide variety of bp rifles and pistols. No FFL needed, no background check and don't even need to be 18 to buy.

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    I am not worried about an ffl license, but as a matter of expedience BP will serve the purpose.


    P.s where is this intro thred...never mind I will search for it.
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    The big downside to Black powder or equivalent is the clean-up. They can be darn accurate. I had a traditional ML w/ Primitive sights that would shatter clays on the berm at 100 yards. You just hope you don't need a follow up shot in the field. Cap and ball revolvers are a blast to shoot. I've used my 1858 New Army for small vermin. If you get one w/ a steel frame you can also get a conversion cylinder for modern cartridges. They are cheap to shoot if you shoot roundball. FFFg is really cheap as are the caps and lead. I believe my load uses 26gr. A pound of powder is 7000 grains. Pyrodex or Goex is still $12.95 per pound. Powder is about .05 a shot. Mine is about 20 years old and still a great revolver.