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    I finished assembling my first AR15 Today, for my Birthday, which is Saturday 8th. I'll give a complete parts cost at end. And YES I already changed out the Hand Guard to better fit me. I also kept everything BLACK as it should be.

    Couldn't be happier. I started with a PSA Premium Model M4A1 Complete Upper(without BCG & CH) because it's done correct and test fired for function by PSA.

    I used an Anderson "Enclosed Trigger" Stripped Lower. Apparently Anderson has both versions(open and enclosed) and you won't know what you get until it comes in to your LGS.

    For Lower parts I used again PSA "Classic" Lower Build Kit that has all Mil Spec Components and Magpul Hand Grip and Magpul STR Stock. All Trigger Components fit beautiful without any true hassles I hear about, and I completed the Lower while looking at Pictures from an AR15 Site in around 1-1/2hr. It took this long due to putting the incorrect "Indent" in the Safety Hole and there was a lot of slop. Changed the Indent out for the "Larger" one and it took out the slop. The Build Pics didn't show this, so it was a let's swap and see kinda thing. The Lower Kit also didn't have ALL PARTS in it, but good thing I had some "Lost" Replacement Parts I got before the Panic of 2012/13 that came to the rescue.

    Today I went to Bass Pro Shop and got some AR Components to help me finish up and I'm so pleased with what I got.

    I wish I could show some pics but I don't know how to put any from my Camera onto my new Computer(stinking Windows 8 and old HP Camera).

    Here's the rundown, along with some components I already had:

    PSA Premium M4A1 Upper----$289 (minus BCG & CH)
    Anderson Stripped Lower-----$69 (enclosed trigger model)
    PSA Lower Build Kit----------$149 (Magpul Hand Grip and STR Stock)
    ProMAG Rear Flip Up Sight----$67 (Aluminum model #137)
    CAA M4S1 Handguard--------$65 (I had to do mods to this to make fit)
    PSA Full Auto BCG-----------$180 (I got this during panic as spare JIC)
    Bushnell TRS 32 Red Dot-----$129 (had this on my DPMS--good RD)

    This gives a Total of--------$948 as it sets. Without the new Hand guard and Red Dot it would of been around $754, and with BCGs now being cheaper, it would of been around $700.

    This is hard to beat for a great AR Platform for any SHTF.

    Still gotta get a Sling, and now some more Ammo, but what else does a Guy need to do for his Birthday but celebrate, and shoot his new Rifle.:D

    Now my DPMS Oracle has a friend to shoot the crap with.:cool:
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    Happy Bithday and congrats to your first!
    I'm warning you.. there will be your 2nd, 3rd..

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    Congratulations and happy birthday and yes it is a sickness you can't stop lol

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    Happy out of the womb day and congratulations on the build!!!!:)
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    I still don't see pictures.

    Happy Birthday.

    It reads like a nice rig.
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    DPMS... ProMag... Bushnell... CAA... Why do people buy crap?